Interesting Infographics: How B2B Sales Has Changed


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I thought it would be interesting to look at how B2B sales have changed. According to an infographic designed by the Maximize Social Media team, we need to view the internet as a “trade show”. About 54% of B2B buyers start their purchasing process with informal research, especially research that surrounds their business obstacles. Also, as described in the Maximize Social Media infographic, the majority of this research starts on the web.

In order to generate more leads and revenue, we need to apply an inbound marketing tactic to our campaigns. Read the following from the Maximize Social Media infographic:

There are vast differences between inbound and outbound marketing approaches

  • The outbound approach is too assertive. For example, a cold calls are conducted; by the time a salesperson contacts the potential client, the response is apathetic. The salesperson will move on when the potential client ignores messages.
  • The inbound approach is accommodating. For example, a potential client will search for solutions to his problem via the web, coming across your company’s website. When he accesses and uses your company’s free instruction guide and email tutorials, he feels confident in your company. Then he contacts you.

Inbound and outbound approaches utilize different tools

  • Outbound examples: print media, cold calls, RFPs
  • Inbound examples: social media, blogs, emails (based on your permission)

Bottom Line: the inbound approach leads to better ROI

  • Inbound marketing is affordable (in comparison to outbound marketing, inbound is 62% less per lead).
  • Finally, inbound marketing produces leads AND revenue – consider these revenue percentages:
  • Corporate blog (57%)
  • Twitter (42%)
  • LinkedIn (57%)
  • Facebook (48%)

View the rest of the infographic below. Do you agree or disagree with the differences between inbound and outbound marketing? Share your thoughts below.

How B2B Sales Has Changed – An Infographic by the team at Maximize Social Media

How B2B Sales Has Changed



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