Interesting Infographics: Marketers Want S’More Technology


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There are so many platforms and tools available for marketers right now that it can be hard to pinpoint which solutions your company should be investing in. Looking at what other companies are doing can be a big help when it comes to narrowing down which solutions look promising. Skyword and Researchscape International surveyed 190 US marketers at large organizations to find out how their companies are integrating new technologies into their marketing strategies. The results of this study are illustrated in this week’s infographic. Let’s see what they found out.

Of the 190 marketers surveyed:

  • 58% said that their departments adopted new technology in the past year
  • 21% say that their department works with 11+ technology providers
  • 38% have reorganized their marketing team in the last year, and were 24% more likely to invest in new tech within the last 3 months

Of their departments:

  • 52% use design software
  • 51% engage in social media monitoring
  • 47% use analytics
  • 46% utilize social media managing systems
  • 39% use content marketing software
  • 37% use CRM technologies
  • 34% employ marketing automation
  • 32% use audience management technologies
  • 28% use PR software
  • And 28% utilize real-time personalization technologies

When asked how long fully integrating their new technology will or did take, 29% said 4-6 months, 26% said 2-3 months, 21% said 7-12 months, 12% said 1 month, 7% said 1-2 years, 1% said 3 or more years, and the rest did not know.

There is clearly an interest in branching out and working with multiple technologies and technology providers, with a trend towards analytics and management systems. While implementing a new technology can be a lengthy business, restructuring a team can help optimize that transition. Companies that have recently restructured their teams are almost 3 times as likely to have invested in new technologies. Now that you’ve seen the stats, how does your company match up? Are you using a wide variety of solutions?

Interesting Infographics: Marketers Want S’More Technology


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