Inspire Great Customer Service – Give ‘Em The Pickle


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Customer service training videos are one of the most effective ways to get inspired about awesome customer service and teach customer service skills to your employees. Here’s a quick 3:30 video to get you inspired for today.

Give ’em the Pickle

Bob Farrell’s classic program focuses on the motivational side of service. Farrell’s wit and wisdom sparkle throughout the program as he explains how great service was the hallmark of his ice cream shop empire in the 1970s.

Give em the Pickle was his service battle cry. A simple phrase that means that you need to give your customers that extra special service – something beyond the normal like free pickles with their order or singing the birthday song to children on that special day.

This customer service video is still one of the best-selling program on the market, used by thousands of service trainers through the world. Farrell keeps the information general enough to be used in any sector of the business world.


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