Ingenious ways to get Happy Customers for your Print Commerce Business


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For any business to grow and prosper you need a good and loyal customer data base. Print Industry is huge and there will be a variety of clients that will work with you for their various needs. There is a myth that since the online market and the internet communication has come into existence print is of no use and dead. But, let not these people fool you, because since everything has gone online and is digitalized print is online too. Where there are some industries to still start their online functions, there are already good numbers of print commerce happy customers. But have “you” been able to achieve the HAPPY CUSTOMERS for your print e-store?

Most of print commerce firms are failing to fulfill the customer needs because they are not able to handle the set of multiple variants. You have a large print-commerce that can be of help to the healthcare firms, educational firms, sports academy, packaging firms, marketing firms, etc. but all have different needs and their requirements are different. But the solution is single for all these clients – print commerce.

“Every company’s greatest assets are its customers because without customers there is no company.” Michael LeBoeuf, Business Author

How Web-to-print can be the best print solution for the below industries:

Advertising & Marketing Firms

This industry is booming and needs printing forever. No matter how much online marketing is going on, there is always going to be a need for brochures and other marketing materials to distribute. And this is where you can use print commerce as a solution.

The image below shows the growth and amount spend on advertising in India in 2016. If this is only India globally you can see great opportunities waiting for you where you can help the marketing firm streamline their prints.

A recent study on Medianama said

Advertising spends in India are expected to grow 15.5% year on year to Rs 57,485 crore in 2016, according to estimates from media buying agency GroupM. Of this, Digital Advertising spends will account for Rs 12.7% of total spends at around Rs 7,300 crore. Digital is the third highest category of advertising spends, albeit lagging far behind TV (Rs 27,074 crore, 47.1% of total) and Newspapers (Rs 17,099 crore, 29.9% of total).

growth rate

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Image source:

Healthcare Sector


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As a printing company you have to be able to satisfy your customers from various sectors. Healthcare sector is known to be the most precautious and reliable industry when comes to patients details. And having the patient’s details printed needs a lot of care can be very challenging. With a good print commerce solution you can have a secured and safe mobile and remote printing enabled to your current system. Releasing of documents with security gives confidentiality.

As per a report from Info Trends
The healthcare services market prints more than 100 billion pages per year and represents a sizeable market opportunity for digital service providers.
Forms production has experienced a dramatic shift during the past few years, migrating from an offset printing to a print-on-demand application. It is estimated that forms printed on demand can save, on average, 25% – 45% of the total costs incurred using offset. The ability to create, revise, update, order, input, distribute, and print forms electronically offers the healthcare industry significant cost and productivity improvement opportunities.

Education Sector

The education sector is one industry where printing is needed and done the most. These days where assessment test and other noted first go through a draft print then changes are made and later on the final print is done. Using print commerce software will save you tons of time and paper. You can create the draft online, check it in the preview, then make changes and go for final print. There are many other things required in the education sector for printing like e-books, newsletter, magazines, certificates, etc. This entire headache can be avoided if you use the right web2print solution.

A recent white paper published by KYOCERA entitled Tech Tips for Time Saving showed that 48% of teachers print more than 5,000 pages of paper each and every term. This means that implementing print solutions that result in even just a 10% reduction in your printing costs could have a huge impact on your bottom line.

The above were just a few sectors that can benefit and ease their work with the web2print solutions and software. There are many more industries that can move their entire printing process this new technology and reap maximum benefits from it.

Tip & Tricks for satisfied print customers
Before we jump to the tricks, you need to analyze whether you have been able to achieve your goal of satisfied and happy customers. Keep in mind a satisfied customer is not a happy customer.

“There is a big difference between a satisfied customer and a loyal customer. Never settle for ‘satisfied’.” Shep Hyken, Customer Service Expert, Author, and Speaker

“Loyal customers, they don’t just come back, they don’t simply recommend you, they insist that their friends do business with you.” ~ Chip Bell

Here is where you need to know how to keep your customers happy so they can be loyal to you. How to make your present customers loyal and fall in love with your association?

Treat Your Customer in the Best Way


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Customer is the king of any business. No business will run if they don’t have customers. If any customer has an issue with service or product when gets the issues resolved timely will tell at least a dozen of people about their happy experience. In print industry you need to understand the requirement and also find solutions for them. If you client is not happy with a given solution you need to provide with something better. The moment you give-up on them with the issues you will lose one customer and 15 new customers too. Hence if you treat your customers in the right way you will get happy customers at your print e-store.

Be Polite & Take Feedback


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Being in the service industry you need to make sure to have a polite and well mannered customer support team. If a customer experiences bad customer service they will definitely tell others, which will only impact on the acquisition of new customers. It will spoil the reputation of your firm for long-term. Customers from Healthcare, education, marketing, etc will have demands and issues when they use the w2p solution. But if they are not given proper support they will be forced to take help you’re your competitor. Be polite and listen to them, so you can provide them with the best solutions.
Take their feedback so that you can improvise your print solutions and offer them the best.

Treat Your Customers like Your Partners


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When your customers give you feedback, you must act on it immediately. When our partners tell us of some issue we tend to solve them, similar should be the case with your print commerce customers. Listen to their feedback and find the solution that will solve the problems fast.

Build Trust

Whenever you are making change son large scale, make it a point to inform your customers immediately. One negative experience will take you more than 10 positive experiences to make things right. When you are making changes you need to keep in Mind that your customers printing work is not affected. Don’t make any major without their knowledge as they are already accustomed to the old one and you will have to train them for the new changes. Keeping them informed will always build a stronger trust in you.

Live Up to Your Promises

Promises are made to be kept and not broken. When you make a promise to your print commerce customers you should fulfill it. This way the trust will always remain intact & they will tell another dozen of people to try your solutions. This is how you can achieve success and be on the top of other w2p solution providers.

Customer is very important because “Every company’s greatest assets are its customers because without customers there is no company.” Michael LeBoeuf, Business Author. Your business will grow only if you have a good data base of print commerce happy customers. Don’t take your customers for granted or you will lose them forever. To have a good and successful print commerce firm you need to keep your customers happy by offering them the best print solutions for their print e-store.

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Design'N'Buy has years of expertise in designing and delivering Web to Print solutions. We ensure all the aspects of web-to-print are covered and online design tools or print applications are implemented with utmost perfection to enhance user experience.


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