Improving Unique and Enhanced Visitor Workflows in Visitor Management Solutions


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Enterprises and businesses across the globe are investing heavily in elevating the security of their facilities, data collection, and visitor management. The year 2020 has brought in many shifts across all industries in these domains, with visitor management being the most impacted area. It is expected that by 2023, almost 52% of the global GDP will be accounted for by enterprises that are digitally transformed.

Organizations having to revamp their visitor management strategies have come to the realization that implementing a visitor management system is the best approach to battle the shift in their industry. This is primarily due to the fact that a visitor management system helps organizations in creating unique and enhanced visitor workflows which helps them in enhancing their visitor experience.

More organizations nowadays are consciously making the effort to leverage technological innovations like visitor management software to enhance their visitor workflows, and streamlining visitor management.

So, how can your business generate and enhance visitor workflows using visitor management solutions? Here’s how:

1. Enhancing Front of the House Efficiency: For managing visitor workflows and enhancing them, there are many elements a business must consider. The most crucial of these elements are as follows:

Identity and Purpose- Verifying the identity and finding out the purpose of a visitor who checks-in the establishment using their check-in data.
Security- Screening the visitors by identifying the reason for their visit, and ensuring that they have agreed to the pre-set security guidelines and protocols.
Access- Based on the above two elements, which parts of your facility should you allow them to access, and which ones not.

These elements are heavily dependent on a competent visitor management system, as they require high-level analytics and data processing. When a visitor checks in and enters their required credentials, a visitor management software analyzes it by first identifying their personas, which categorizes them into a fitting visitor workflow. Then, the software determines which parts of the facility they can access based which visitor workflow is implemented on them. This process is even more efficient if your organization has a digital reception.

2. Leveraging Pre-Registration to Streamline Check-in Process: To enhance your visitor workflows, it is imperative to identify the visitor persona to classify their purpose or journey when they visit the premises. This can be done by creating a pre-registration form that acts as an advance check-in for the visitors.

In this form, you can collect relevant visitor information to ensure that the visitor management system is able to assess the visitor’s purpose of coming to the facility. Visitors will also be pre-registered by an administrator on the visitor management system, which means that they don’t have to go through the check-in process again. All of their necessary details like name, date of visit, time of visit, affiliation to the company, and access can be defined.

In 2020, this process has become even more prevalent as it has become a matter of safety as well. Visitors can be vetted on their physical health and travel history through a set of questions in the pre-registration form to assess if they are safe to be allowed to visit your facility. This can also play a crucial role in creating unique workflows for visitors in which visitors who might be showing the symptoms of the coronavirus can be kept away from certain areas or people in the facility.

3. Enhanced Reports With Valuable Insights: A visitor management system is capable of comprehensively analyzing the visitor data, and generating elaborate reports that can provide valuable insights for your organisation. Analytics has become a very valuable asset and a competitive advantage at the same time for organizations. Real-time processing of data can help enhance the visitor workflow by tracking and monitoring visitor activities.

Visitor management system doesn’t require human intervention to generate these reports. Getting clean, unaltered, and insightful reports from visitor data can help organizations in providing targeted solutions for building a robust visitor management strategy. By increasing the focus of examining and evaluating their analytics, an organization can provide its clients, investors, and collaborators with holistic insights via data reports, which consist of valuable visitor trends and user behavior to build better strategies for visitor management.

4. Increasing the Focus on Visitor Experience: All of the steps mentioned before can go to waste if your organization isn’t providing enough attention to enhancing visitor experience. However, by increasing the focus of improving visitor experience, you can achieve much more than you can think. The advancement and implementation of technologies such as 5G, smart automation, AI, UI/UX, etc., has urged businesses to leverage their potential to enhance their visitor workflows. Using a visitor management system that utilizes these technologies can pave the way for advantageous transformation for an organization.

In addition to this, tailoring and customizing the workflow of the visitor management software being used ensures that a multitude of stakeholders and visitors can check-in and access the information which follows the correct flow and provides them with the right data needed for conducting their business with you.

5. Print Visitor Badges: One of the key roles of visitor workflows in an organization is to segregate the different types of customers and servicing them accordingly. However, it can become hard for staff members to distinguish these visitors just based on encountering them. A visitor badge can take this problem statement away, as it can conveniently provide the staff members and machines like Kiosks in your establishment with the relevant information about the visitor.

Visitor badges also enhance the security within your organization’s premises to offer protection from any breaches. This is a very helpful feature of a visitor management system, as it helps in identifying guests, heeding to their requests, and ensuring that the facility is protected from any visitor with a harmful intent for your organization.


At the end of the day, enhancing visitor workflows plays into improving visitor management in your facility. Employing a visitor management system can prove to be very beneficial for your organization, as it comes packed with a multitude of tools and features to help you in improving your visitor workflows.

Vinod Janapala
Vinod Janapala - Product (SaaS) Marketing & Customer Analytics Lead. Vinod is keen on such topics as Marketing, Customer Experience, SaaS Challenges, and Personal Growth.


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