Idomoo Launches New Living Video Technology to Make Video Interactive, Evergreen and Engaging


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Next Generation Video Platform allows videos to evolve and be customized by viewers in real time

July 27, 2021 — Personalized video company Idomoo today announced the launch of its Next Generation Video Platform. The fully open, enterprise-grade platform features Living Video capabilities, a suite of functionalities that make video evergreen, customizable and interactive. These videos can update in real time based on context and user input, allowing companies to revolutionize their digital communications and customer experience.

The launch comes in response to market demand. While video is the most consumed media online, it’s historically been limited in its capabilities. Unlike the internet, it’s hard to update and not actionable or connected with other websites. Living Video changes that, allowing video to be fully integrated with the web.

“Living Video revolutionizes video, giving viewers an interactive experience, just like they’ve come to expect from the web,” said Danny Kalish, Idomoo CTO and cofounder. “It closes the gap between a static video and the dynamic, up-to-date, contextual web.”

With Living Video, it’s now possible to create a new viewing experience every time someone clicks play. Here are some of the main functionalities that support it.

  • In-player customization: Viewers become creators by customizing their video right from the player. They can upload media, change elements and more, making it their own one-of-a-kind creation and empowering viral social sharing.
  • Native interactivity: Beyond just clicking a button in a video, users can interact directly with video elements to trigger a host of actions, from jumping to another scene to sending an email. Videos are shoppable, too, so customers can click a product in a scene and go straight to checkout or swipe to watch the next product.
  • Living Data and contextualization: Videos can now update in real time based on context, such as the viewer’s location, or live data feeds, such as retail inventory. Every time the video is watched, it has the latest information, so it’s never out of date.

“Living Video is incredibly powerful in terms of scaling video communications and driving ROI,” Kalish said. “One video, ever-evolving, endless variations — and it’s always relevant. That’s what Living Video does.”

Working with brands around the world, Idomoo has seen a real need for these functionalities. Mortgage customers deployed interactive personalized video during the pandemic and saw a massive drop in call center volume, as much as 73%. Idomoo gaming clients have proven the value of user-generated content (UGC) by letting customers create their own videos, sparking unprecedented levels of social media sharing.

Idomoo’s Next Generation Video Platform is built on its market-leading rendering capabilities, able to generate cinematic quality Personalized Videos in up to 100x real time and at scale, reaching millions of customers. Global leaders in banking, gaming, telecommunications, travel and more already take advantage of this technology to upgrade their CX, and Living Video functionalities are available today to anyone using the platform. Example videos include:

  • Interactive mortgage calculators
  • Virtual storefronts that update dynamically with inventory
  • Self-serve customer care solutions
  • Viral gaming campaigns
  • UGC year-in-review recaps

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About Idomoo 

Idomoo pushes the limits of what video can do by harnessing the power of data to deliver an exceptional customer experience, unlike anything else. Its fully open Next Generation Video platform delivers cinematic quality videos at scale that can be rendered in up to 100x real-time. With its revolutionary Living Video functionalities, videos are evergreen, interactive and instantly customizable by the viewer.

Idomoo Personalized Video is used by leading brands around the world to deliver unparalleled business results at key moments of the customer lifecycle. Idomoo serves over 150 global clients, including AMEX, Vodafone, Google, JP Morgan Chase, Ubisoft, NHS, Oracle, Quicken Loans and others, in more than 40 languages. For more information, please visit


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