I love you call-center-agent-(wo)man!!


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Call center agents are the face of our business.  We know this.  A ‘great face’ for a call center agent is not so clearly defined.  It does vary a bit from company to company.  In general they need to come across as competent, motivated, professional, and they need to have personality.  On any given day, your call center agents will encounter the gamut of customer calls from questions to complaints, from pleasant to irate.  We know this.   And they will also experience customers that really LOVE them.  Customer comments like these, captured during Survey Calibration reveal just that.  They show how your customers can turn the relationship into one with deeper meaning, one that is fit for a “Dear Abby” column perhaps, and even one that’s fit for marriage.  Laugh now, but later you may need to incorporate some polite ways of saying “I’m flattered, but no” into your agent training program.

“My reason for the high ratings is because they were earned. The lady was right on the money. She was very thorough. She didn’t waste any time. She was really pleasant and if she were available for marriage, I’d marry her.”

“I believe his name was Rick or Rich.  He was very helpful.  He was wonderful.  I’d love my daughter to marry him.  He’s just a wonderful guy.”

“Charlotte just did a terrific job.  My wife was a real b**ch during the process, asking a lot of questions and complaining the whole time.  She wasn’t on the phone with me.  Is there anything you can do about my wife?  If you can, please call me back.  If you can’t, just know that Charlotte did a terrific job.  Thank you.”

Happy Monday!

~ Dr. Jodie Monger, President


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