I bet you can’t prove ROI on Customer Experience Investments


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Jon Picoult can.

The Founder of Watermark Consulting compared the stock performance of companies with Forrestors Customer Experience Index to demonstrate how Customer Experience investors outperform those who failed to invest. Meanwhile, Bruce Temkin commented that his previous research work, entitled Customer Experience Boosts Revenue, echoed Picoult’s post – research which examined the difference in loyalty following company financial performances.

Jon found increased stock performance, Bruce found it increased Customer Loyalty. With results like these how can you ever question investing in your Customer Experience isn’t an effective for customer retention? It may not have been one of your priorities for 2010, but it making a customer experience investment should be. As organisations invest, they will not only be making Customer Experience a priority within their organisation, but will hopefully be moving from Naïve to Natural, where the whole organisation is geared towards delivering a great Customer Experience.

Check out Jon’s original blog post here – Yes, Virginia, There Is A Return On Customer Experience Investments


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