How to Create a Year End Sales Blitz


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For you and many others the year has been very difficult. Between the lack of spending form clients and the rhetoric of Capital Hill many cannot wait until the end of the year. But can you?

Just yesterday Kathy called me crying that revenues were down that she would not meet her quota. I answer calls like this frequently. Early this week Ron mentioned that he does not understand how he will meet expenses this month!

If this sounds like you then advice is on the way!

One of the largest issues that many sales professionals and entrepreneurs deal with is that when you are busy working, you are too busy not marketing and creating visibility; and when you are not busy, you are busy with everything else but marketing. Procrastination is the order of the day. What you need to realize is that busy or not, client or not, revenue or not, priorities or not, every day is a marketing day! You must be active everyday soliciting business.

Okay you gave me the riot act for the future but what about now?

So by now you are in panic mode and thinking what if anything can I do to salvage the year. Yes there is still time. Here are five things you need to do right now to closer business before year-end.

  1. Get out of the stands and into the field of play. If you ever want to know the difference between the successful individual and those that aren’t simply look at the workload. Successful people are always busy, constantly adhering to their mission and vision. This requires that you get busy being busy. I am not speaking of the inappropriate things that waste time – only those that point to revenue. This requires that you begin to network aggressively meeting new individuals and passing out your business card. There should be a goal in mind such as meeting 4 new people per day or writing out one new proposal this week. The busier you are the more successful you will become. And, when you are busy there is less time to think about issues, ponder depression and waste the day! When you are busy you are working on a better future. As an action step sign up for two new networking events where you know no one and meet four new people!
  2. The Art of the Referral – The sweetest sound anyone can hear about their business is the endorsement from a happy customer. Happy clients are your greatest assets because they tell others. This helps value, brand and future client attraction. Think here about Apple, Facebook and many other organizations that never, and I mean never use advertising. The reason- they have happy clients tell the story. The problem here is twofold 1) you never ask enough and 2) you ask too late. It is important that you remain in constant contact with clients and always seek out useful referrals. As an action item today, solicit four referrals from everyone in your database. You will be surprised by the results.
  3. A Complimentary Offer – Clients today are very persnickety because they have access to a wealth of free information. Clients and consumer behavior have come to expect some complimentary offering. What do you have that have some value that you might provide to clients? Might you provide a free webinar, a one day credit something that creates enough action that makes movement. Remember it is all about value and sometimes this requires a bit more of a push. Giving something away might help prompt the sale.
  4. Third Party Endorsement – While watching the news recently there was a story on the six degrees theory. You know the notion of it’s a small world! However, in recent analysis of 721 million active Facebook users and their over 69 billion friendships found that any two individuals in the world are connected, on average, by just 4.74 acquaintances. With the proliferation of social media we are more connected then ever. Well if that is the case all you need to do is seek within your electronic Rolodex of individuals of who knows who at the account you are attempting to close and ask for help. You do not ask then you do not receive! Therefore it is important that you do not even complete this article and seek immediately within your circles to gain access to people that know of others that can help you close business.
  5. Cut the cord and get with the right person – This hellacious environment altered the individuals you believed to be decision makers and those that think they are. If you really want to close business- and I mean now, then stop conversing with those that are not economic buyers. Only concern yourself with a person that can right a check, sign a contract or letter agreement and has the approval. Stop pondering with budgets, organizational politics and senseless bureaucratic refuse. Ask the right questions, meet the right people and you will notice less time wasted and more responsiveness to your value.

Those that get busy today adopting these principles will notice an increase in activity. The requirement today in this crazy busy world is to be consistently and relentless involved with client activity. Action makes you visible and memorable. Action creates motion, and motion creates revenue.

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Drew Stevens
Drew J. Stevens Ph.D. (Dr. Drew) is the author of Split Second Selling and the soon to be released Ultimate Business Bible and six other business books on sales, customer loyalty, self mastery and business development solutions. Drew helps organizations to dramatically accelerate revenue and outstrip the competition. He conducts over 4 international keynotes, seminars and workshops per year.


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