How’s Google Buzz impacting your online content sharing strategies?


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Before Buzz we all kind of figured out how to set up a right mix of feeds, RT, replies and the original content creations to keep constant relevant presence on multiple online social networking sites.

And then Buzz came along. At first I enabled my Tweets to populate Buzz stream – was too much noise, much of which was irrelevant to my Buzz followers. Stopped. Then I set up auto-updates from Buzz to Twitter. That worked just fine, but what I was missing was that constant presence factor on Buzz that I wanted to have. I decided to connect Google Reader to Buzz, which in turn auto-updates Twitter. And I populate shared Google Reader folders via RSS feed built on Yahoo! Pipes.

I think I finally found the right Google Buzz content strategy that works fine for me.

Of course, I am just talking about semi-automated part of online presence, which contributes to about 20-30% of my total online communications – I know I will be attacked by all the social media gurus on a subject of online conversations/dialog,etc.. – yes, we all agree here, much needed and has to be a significant part of the overall social networking communications strategy :)

Hope you can share with your lessons learned/best practices!


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