How Effective Is Your Customer Loyalty Program?


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I am a huge fan of Loyalty Programs – and for most of the ones I’ve joined, I feel I get value out of the programs I utilize; like My Coke Rewards, My Paw Points, my CVS Extra Care Card, not to mention all of my frequent flier and hotel programs – but it looks like I may be the minority.

According to a recent article I read in 1 to 1 Media only about 36 percent of respondents to a recent survey by ACI Worldwide, received a reward or promotion that made them come back to the store again.

This survey also revealed that 85% of members said that they haven’t heard from their loyalty program since the day they signed up – and many of the respondents, a staggering 81%, said that they are enrolled in a program that they don’t completely understand.

Those are some very eye opening stats and should be a wake-up call for companies who offer loyalty programs. Members that join a loyalty program are, in fact, looking for a discount or offer – but they have also willingly subscribed to your company – and offered up their email address (and in many cases much, much more relevant information). They are asking you to contact them – and if you’re not doing so – you are missing out on marketing opportunities that many companies pay big money for.

I suggest that you read the article in its entirety and if you’d like some tips on how to make sure your loyalty program is one of the successful ones, I also recommend reading my latest post on The Keys to a Successful Loyalty Program.


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