How will AI change the web development in future?


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AI is present everywhere – from chatbots to virtual assistants, AI is used in day to day activities. Virtual assistants like Siri and Cortana are helping the users by processing their queries on the internet via voice. They are capable of performing the simple task like playing music, setting the alarm, and providing weather reports. Home assistants like Google home and Amazon Echo are also offering the users simple activation of home appliances. AI is slowly but certainly creeping in our daily lives.

How will AI change the web development in future

The goals of AI are (“Artificial Intelligence Overview”, 2018) to create expert systems and to implement Human intelligence in machines. Machine learning a branch of AI which allows the web applications to adapt by observing and learning from users’ habits, idiosyncrasies and preferences.

Web development is a highly popular field as users are always looking for a rich and personalized content. Nothing is better than hyper-customized user experience. The web development companies are facing challenges to move away from the traditional approaches in web development. Therefore, the need for AI and the related tools is felt. Automating the web development put less stress on the web developers. With the involvement of AI in the process, web developers can leave the cumbersome task on the AI and focus on the value-adding aspects of the web application development like planning rich user experience, formulating the design strategies and other related activities. In-fact Human-machine collaboration can revolutionize the field of web development.

Some companies have already introduced a DIY website platform like The Grid. This is an AI-powered website designer which automatically decides the color, theme, and style of your website. The Grid optimizes, arranges and designs the website according to the preference, theme, and content. Other AI integrated website builders that were highly talked about this year are Firedrop, Molly and Wix’s ADI.

There are so many ways by which modern artificial intelligence solutions can improve the web development:

1. AI virtual assistants simplifying the web development – AI can simplify the tedious task of designing basic layouts and templates of web pages. AI virtual assistants can create personalized content by asking questions from the website owner.

2. We analytics with AI – Many web analytics tools can help you with SEO strategies however only human can interpret this data. AI can analyze and mine the data from the web analytics tools and can generate ideas to eliminate the irregularities in the architecture of the website. It can also highlight the bad content from the SEO point of view.

3. AI web development provides superior end-user experience – Chatbots can take care of the customers’ queries. A chatbot integrated with AI can simulate the real conversations by learning from the past conversation and adopting the responses and actions accordingly. These chatbots can respond to the queries and comment on the blog posts along with providing real-time assistance.

Future of web design with AI

There are so many things that AI can offer to different industries, and web designing is not untouched. AI can do tedious tasks in web designing which will relieve the designers from making a website from scratch. It can analyze the content and user preferences to personalize the website. It can assist the expert and beginner alike, and it can enable a novice to manage their own website without problems.

• Cognitive abilities – Artificial Intelligence machines can create designs with their cognitive abilities. Machines can perceive the surroundings with the help of sensors and IoT which can be helpful in simulating the fantasy and utilizing it to build some attractive and eye-catching graphics. Like a human, it can search the references from the internet to produce some beautiful graphics.

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• Context Apprehension – There is one significant difference between a non-efficient program and a smart algorithm which is that first one will do the same sequence of tasks without considering the context. A smart algorithm understands what the user wants, and it does that by considering the context. Because of the cognitive capabilities of the Artificial intelligence, it can pick up the color that will suit the tone of the website and the preference of the user.

• Design inconsistencies – Most of the website fails because of the design inconsistency. The inconsistencies are too low to be recognized by the designers, but it affects the user experience in a very bad manner. Machines are very useful in picking up the inconsistencies and fixing them. Because of the unmatched cognitive abilities AI can quickly pick up the inconsistencies and can fix the issue using the combination of machine learning and context apprehension abilities.

• Structure identification – Modern AI can quickly detect the slightest variations in the images. Images are actually made up of tiny pixels, and each one of them is responsible for creating an ultimate piece of art. AI can read and differentiate each pixel in an image. It can identify the object present in the image by differentiating the pixels in images. Similarly, artificial intelligence programming can train it to identify different structures on similar websites.

AI – A boon or bane debate

AI is generating fear among the people that it will soon replace the human workforce (Beauchamp & Beauchamp, 2018). However, the technology today completely relies on the humans to train them on what they should do. Google’s AI experiment Quick draw shows how AI guesses on the past inputs that were created by other people. No matter where we stand with the technology people still values the human touch. AI cannot work successfully without human intervention.

Statements by Stephen Hawking and Elon Musk have created doubts in the mind of people, and they are forced to think that Artificial Intelligence is going to take away their jobs. We still have a long way to go before we need to start this debate. As for now, AI is a completely safe technology, and it’s making the job of the web developers easy and manageable.


To evolve, we have to accept and embrace the technological changes which surround AI. AI development is one of the doorways to the future which may bring a lot of good.

Amit Agrawal
As the Founder and COO at Cyber Infrastructure Inc, it is my aspiration to drive our global clients ahead in the competitive technology world by enabling them to receive huge financial and operational benefits in web development through my years of experience and extensive expertise as technology adviser and strategist. In my current position at CIS, I spearhead management of various technology initiatives, expansion of our technology capabilities, and delivery of quality excellence to our clients.


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