How To Tailor Your Content To Your Customer


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Did websites drive in traffic on the most romantic day of the year this month? If so, it may because content was tailored towards a target customer. In the lead up to February 14th many sites would have planned their strategy around Valentine’s and seasonal content building; the romancing campaigns and the love tip advice. But, one thing these sites may have forgotten to do is plan a strategy for escape – the real Valentines getaway. Now, that the season of love and romance has officially ended and the romantic marketing around us dies off, it is time to tackle if any content can be recycled and what new content can be created to attract the customer back.

Here are a few ideas on how to get romantic with your web content and tailor it to your customers needs:

Send Your Readers or Viewers a Thoughtful Thank You Message

Making customers feel special and appreciated is part of any successful business plan. Say thank you in your textual content and video content. Think about how your content appeals to them and make your message catchy. For example, you could say “Thank You from Our Heart to Yours” or “We Still Love You”. Here are a couple of video examples below on how a “thank you” message should be implemented:

Cancer Research Donation Thank You

The Cancer Research video highlighted above brings together 3 important things:

1- The element of a personal touch in content

2- The existence of a human behind content

3- Content that connects groups together

Now take a look at the video content message below from the brand Febreze – how they utilized video content to say thank you a million times and network out socially with their Facebook fans:

Febreze Million Thank Yous

Keep Connecting Through Promotions

It might not hurt to continue romantic promotions throughout the year. Think about how you might be able to re-contextualize your existing content to aim it towards themes of romance, love, couples, and so on. It does not have to be anything complicated, businesses such as hotels and restaurants can offer a reduction package – “Long Live Valentines With 50% Off”.

Connecting through promotions is a great way of branching off your content. Take a look at the Vouchercloud website, where you will see that competition content is highlighted in their top categories. Within this “competition” category, you shall see that there is value for the customers through discount content; content promoting relaxation escapes to be won, shopping spending money giveaways and unique content on the actual winners through mentions of the recent winners on the Vouchercloud Facebook page.

Tell A Story

So, all you content prior to Valentines was around couples, singles, advice and tips well know tell the story of what actually happened on Valentines or after Valentines. Create new content that refers back to the old content and recycle all that hard work that went into your romantic Feb 14th content.

Here are some inspiring action tips for you:

– Create article content that reaches out to customers by asking them to send in a short story of what happened on their favorite seasonal day of the year.

– Create a discussion point through your own data statistic content and get people communicating about your brand. Something that is light-hearted can always goes viral and then can bring out a wealth of traffic to your site; it is all about continuing to build your reputation through your own data content which is unique and informative.

– Remember, that trying to create viral content can be tricky especially when themed around a seasonal day like Valentine’s Day that is soon to be forgotten. Content that’s “trying too hard” to go viral often comes off as cynical and greedy, two sentiments you very much want to avoid. Think about using Instagram to post pictures as content and create new hash tags to draw in new customer involvement.

Partner Up For Next Year

One of the great things about content is you can make it what you want it to be; spread it to places where it needs to be and re-use it in cross promotional marketing for better delivery.

Getting involved in market research is good partnerships for content so do look at your very own data of what happened on a specific day like Valentine’s Day and think about how your web traffic was affected. Dig deep into your web analytics and monitor what landing pages were at the top. What kind of relationship it built for your brand? All the data you gather together will create new and meaningful content and this is market data that is shareable, it may also give you an idea on how to improve for next year.

These are just a number of tips on how you can make use of your content; better tailored for your customer. What you must take care of though is duplication. Never take content you have already and republish it the following year – this will only harm your site and is not the right kind of relationship you want to build. Your content should be about unique connections, so build your connection with your audience in the right and in the most thoughtful way you can.

Hannah Connor
Hannah is a product strategist and marketing professional at Vouchercloud. She has experience in content development, devising strategies and marketing campaigns.