How to Stand Out as a Manager: 3 Personality Traits You Need


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Humans are extremely difficult to manage.

A herdsman could manage a flock of sheep for years without stress. If he were to manage a quarter of that flock in humans for a day, he’d complain of a headache.

According to Harvard Business Review, 69% of managers are often uncomfortable communicating with employees. Another 37% said they are not comfortable giving direct feedback about employee performance because they might react badly to it.

However, managing employees would be more impactful if managers evaluate employees’ activities, correct their mistakes, recognize their achievements and communicate them effectively.

About 72% of employees said that their performance would improve if their managers provide corrective feedback to them.

This is why managers who support their teammates to become top performers, confident about themselves and successful couriers of constant positive results in organizational goals are the special ones.

They lead with exceptional traits.

While some say leaders are born, others say leaders are made, but irrespective, leaders are the ones who lead with quality leadership peculiarities.

In this post, I want to share with you the 3 personality traits that will help you stand out as a leader.

1. Understand Employees Better with Emotional Intelligence

It will be difficult for you to lead successfully if you don’t stand in the shoes of your individual employees. How well can you influence people if you don’t walk their path?

It’s in the human nature that people will cling to you if they feel emotionally, physically and financially secure in your hands.

A leader with emotional intelligence is the one who understands the verbal and nonverbal cues that other individuals display, which helps him recognize, evaluate and express his emotions in such a way that positively aligns with their thoughts and actions.

For instance, you are selected to show up at work on a Saturday due to some unexpected backlogs.

Unfortunately, you couldn’t make the meeting due to some personal challenges. So, you put a call across to your team lead to inform him about your absence.

So, instead of him to lament about how important the task is like some other managers might do, he immediately understands and shows concern about your current condition and even offered to help if you don’t mind.

He didn’t stop there, he called you before the end of the day to know how the situation was.

Won’t you respect such a great leader?

2. Move your team with action and be solution-focused

Some managers don’t get involved whenever they assign any task to their employees.

To stand out as a manager, you should always step forward and be exemplary. Doing this inspires your followers to do more.

When you do this, your employees will be forced to make statements such as: “if my boss can be this active and committed, I should do more.”

Another personality trait of a good leader is to be action-oriented and solution-focused.

Not being held down by perfectionism, procrastination or risk. You should always do everything with the mindset of failing forward and learning from every process.

3. Communicate your vision with exemplary humility

You should be able to communicate your vision clearly and with humility.

Being the boss doesn’t make you rule over your employees like it’s just you.

To convey your company’s mission and create a path that everyone willingly follows, you must engage others with humility.

To do this, you shouldn’t display an attitude that makes it seem like you’re the smartest among your peers.

You should engage them in conversations in the company. That way, you can achieve harmonious results.

Final Thoughts

Emerging as a manager that stands out from the crowd seems like a complex task but achievable.

What matters in most cases, is your ability to be humane and lead your team-mates like partners, to make positive impacts and contributions in the company.


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