How To Leverage Customer Service Via Social Media


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Customer service via social media – reserved for cat memes and rants from distant friends and family. Now it plays a crucial role in the marketing, customer service, branding and reputation management of a business. Customers like to share their experience with other people via social media channels.
With social media quickly becoming the most preferred channel for customer service, we prepared practical and effective ideas, how to leverage customer support on social media.

Your Customers Are Waiting, Don’t Ignore Them
An infographic by Provide Support has shed light on how people prefer to receive help. They found that 34.5% of people prefer customer service via social media comparing to 24.7% who prefer live chat. Also, 19.4% would rather email and lastly, 16.1% of people prefer calling in. It’s time to integrate social media into your customer support team’s repertoire.
You might be thinking about how you don’t have the time or resources for all of that, but don’t be surprised if taking a lax approach to social media support comes back to bite you.

Step Up Your Social Media Game
So, just how do you go about implementing customer service via social media? The first step is finding out where your customers are hanging out. Do they spend their time tweeting on Twitter or are they more of a LinkedIn kind of crowd?
If you already have a strong social media presence are there messages and comments that you still ignore? And that’s not just referring to negative ones but the positive ones too! If there are customers expressing their love for your product or service it’s only polite to acknowledge and thank them.

Implementing Customer Service Via Social Media
Whether you choose to integrate a customer service platform into your social media or are utilizing direct messages, no one person is super human. Setting clear boundaries about your support hours are also crucial especially for those with a worldwide customer base.

Set The Tone and Handle With Care
Please, I beg of you, ditch the canned responses. Nobody wants a robotic response that vaguely addresses their concern. Opt for matching your tone with your customers just as you would on any of channel. Know when it’s time to take things offline and either hop on a call or a live session to address a customer’s issue. Instances where personal customer information is needed like passwords, phone numbers and credit card information is an obvious one.

Loyal customers are the keys to success and when a customer knows they will be taken care of quickly and efficiently in a manner that’s convenient to them, they learn that they can count on you and your team. Which will keep them coming back for more. And what brand doesn’t want to show their customers how much they care?



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