How to Keep Your Clients: 7 Strategies for Clinical Professionals


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Keep Your Clients

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Clinical Profession connects with service to the public, therefore, it demands due care & clients’ satisfaction that builds a trust relationship between the client & the clinical professional.

Throughout the world, a successful business strategy phenomenon based on two principles;

  1. Finding new customers &
  2. Retaining existing customers

Clinical professions do follow the same strategy, leaving an approach of cutthroat fierce competition but to acquire clients’ trust with extending more than the expected possible solution to them. Once you succeed to develop client relationship, you get an opportunity to generate a persistent revenue stream.

According to the Pareto Principle, 80% of business revenue comes from 20% of existing customers. Therefore, we do more concern to retain current customer base who injects around 80% of total revenue earnings in your professional field.

The under noted 7 strategies for Clinical Professional are being explored which mainly emphasized the marketing strategies that retain the clients & keep them coming back.

1. Build comfort level with clients

A clinical client is an attention seeking person. He/she always looks a problem solver who cares, listen attentively, respond affirmatively & establish a comfort level where clients feel free to discuss their problems.

“Your Customer does not care how much you know until they know how much you care” Damon Richards (An expert on Customer Care)

Clients must have acquaintance with doctors in such a way that they can express their feelings with ease. The agitated & uncomforted patient will no longer stay with a professional. Feeling relaxed provides a pleasant environment for the clients giving them a chance of catharsis which leading to trust & reliability with a physician.

2. Know the pulse / Psyche of your client

Understanding consumer psychology & to act accordingly is an act of being retained the client. Don’t argue with the client, you can win debates by arguing but the loose client.

Put your feet into a shoe of the client, understand him/her first, give them all your attention to be thoroughly familiar with the personality traits of the patient. Once you succeeded to ascertain a thinking in mind of the client that you are the right choice who know the root cause of his /her problem & its treatment accordingly, you became successful to hold the client’s loyalty with you.

“Customers will want to talk you if they believe that you can solve their problem” Jeffrey Gitomer (An American Author & King of Sales)

Sean D’ Souza, a Consumer Psychology Expert & an author of the best-selling book, “The Brian Audit” highlighting dental marketing strategies, figure out consumer Psyche to be treated as the colossus personality in the world with absolute attention.

3. Easy accessibility            

Client-Professional, easy accessibility keeps in binding contact between the two. The Client must have 24/7 availability by means of a mobile link, messenger, WhatsApp, email, clinic or hospital contact. In case of emergency, Clients are able to approach his Physician within minutes.

If the client is connected with a high-profile figure who has a large client base where Client support team actively respond to patient & come up with an immediate solution to the problem of the concerned.

In some cases, where the client is far away from the destination or concerned Professional availability is not possible in the odd situation, this is the crucial time where do not let them alone to find someone else.

“If you don’t take care of your customer, your competitor will” Bob Hooey (Prolific author & Sales expert)

Junior associates of Professional can recommend first aid to the clients telephonically & charge them via credit card, wire transfer or PayPal etc.

4. Innovative relationship techniques

The relationship does work a pivotal role in connecting the client with a professional. This can’t be merely retained with one formal client-physician, dentist or Physiotherapist until unless it can be extended with unique relationship building techniques. For instance;

  • If you render clinical services to institutional clients then offer them dual discount; One on the institutional ground, you would be able to examine a large number of clients & second offer them the discount at early payments that makes you the flexibility to pay your expenses.
  • Warm wishes to your clients on Birthday occasion by sending gift cards which give the feeling that how important you are for your doctor.
  • Sending them diet charts considering patients’ peculiar health issues & the problems along with the appointment schedule that is adjusted in your Calendar shared with the client.
  • e-Health cards are issued to prime patients with a series of services & special offers

5. Professional website

A professional website works as window dressing where clients have the liberty to opt for services relevant to their need & requirement. Clinical Professionals build a user- friendly website embedded with images & videos.

One of the best marketing strategies that retain the clients is to educate them with informative posts & regular uploading videos about health issues & advice first aid in case of hypertension, high sugar level, burning & accidental incidents or in chronic pain. Marketing strategies with societal help convey a positive message for new as well as the current client.

Life caring events must be scheduled regularly on a website & make sure clients participation by automated messages.

6. Offer a clean environment & warm welcome

The first window in which client looks at Professional with the impact of the clean environment. Clients feel safe themselves in a hygienic atmosphere. There should be a proper seating arrangement in waiting areas along with reading material, brochures, pamphlets & relevant video clips. In a profession of massage therapy, a relaxing environment cannot be created without ambient room temperature, neat & clean table with the clean sheet, water & a tissue box.

The clean environment shifts a client in a comfort zone & a warm welcome arises a feeling of acquaintance with the therapist. The sense of affection drift a client in a mental relief & body massage arises relaxed state. With a courteous attitude, the therapist needs to ask clients how do you feel? In the meanwhile, he/she needs to educate the benefits of massage therapy which improves the blood circulating mechanism & keeps you healthy. After finishing massage, massage expert asks that how massage made him/her feel? Positive relationship building will help in keeping client association for a long time.

7. Keep in touch with clients

“It takes month to find a customer….. seconds to lose one” Vince Lombardi (American Football Player & Coach)

Last but not least, repetitive clients are the backbone of any profession or business. If the client didn’t come in contact with you in a month. Make him/her a call & ask about their health conditions, or about your services. Suggest them customer support programs as discussed above, offer them something free, Wishes them on different occasions, etc. Client engagement is actually being an act of caring for the client.

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