How to increase Sales using the Power of SEO


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Search Engine Optimization is the key to success in this era of the online world. SEO can not only be used for ranking on the search engines or increasing your visibility but it can be used to increasing the traffic on your website and converting them to increase your sales. Here are some ways to increase your sales by using the power of SEO.


Local SEO

Local SEO plays an important role in increasing your sales. According to a research, 46% of Google’s searches are about local information. If your business is not having a local presence it means that you would lose a lot of potential clients.
For instance, if a customer wants to search for SEO companies in Toronto, the first step that person would do is take out his phone and search for SEO Toronto. Having optimized your local SEO will serve as an advantage which helps your clients to find your business and the increase of your sales.

On-Page SEO


On-Page SEO has several reasons to be the most important SEO practice to be used for increasing your sales. Some of the reasons for the use of On-Page SEO are it makes your website more user friendly. On-Page SEO also plays a crucial role in indexing your website by search engines. On-Page SEO makes it easier for search engines to index your page.
On-Page SEO will also help in optimizing essential elements like visuals and increasing your search ranking. There are certain steps you need to follow to improve your On-Page SEO. You will have to create unique title tags which are explanatory, using URL’s which are easy to read and sensible enough that is related to your content.
Making sure that you write meta descriptions to improve the relevance of your article and increase your visibility on the results page of your search engine. Keeping a track of your speed to load a page will help you reduce your bounce rates, optimizing your headings with keywords and providing a description which is relevant, etc.

Keyword Research


Keywords play a major role in increasing your sales. The right set of keywords should be used to target your audience. There wouldn’t be any result in your sales if you rank first in the search engine result page but for a different keyword you used and not the one which is meant for your target audience.
The most important factor which should be noted is that you need to identify the keywords which are relevant to your business, this will automatically drive customers and increase your sales.
Finding out the keywords which are used the most by your customers will help you find your target audience in a more precise way.

LSI Keywords

Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI) keywords act as an important factor of the strategy used for increasing your sales and improving your SEO. These are keywords that are more relevant to the main keywords. LSI Keywords will help in increasing the credibility of your content, helps in providing a high reach for your ranking in search engines, reduces your bounce rates, etc.
For example, if you have content that mainly concentrates on Content writing then your main keyword would be Content Writing and LSI keywords would be content writing techniques, content writing strategies, content writing checklist and so on.
In the above instance, you can observe that the main keyword which is Content Writing remains the same for all the other keywords. Other than this your keyword search should be related to the specific products or services you provide on your website.

Establishing Brand Identity

There is a saying that SEO and backlinks go hand in hand with each other. The number of backlinks in your content will provide an indication that your website is more popular. A good number of quality backlinks in your content will give your website more priority and credit by search engines like Google which makes these links very essential for SEO.
When Google analyzes the relevance of your website it will take into consideration the quality and the number of backlinks used in your website. This will help you in establishing the identity of your brand.
Influencer Marketing also acts as a means to establish your brand identity and increase your sales. Let’s take an example if you want to buy a product you would more likely purchase a product that has a video review about the same product or service by your favourite celebrity than randomly purchasing it. Influencer marketing acts as one of the major sources through which you can increase your sales.

Develop a Strategy

When you want to use SEO to increase your sales it can’t be achieved through minimal or no efforts. You need a proper strategy which you have to put in to action. To increase your sales, you need to be dedicated and keep up with your solid strategy.
You will require a team that will concentrate on your website’s SEO. An SEO specialist can understand the goals of your business and will help you create and implement long-term strategies that will help you achieve them.


Following all the above methods are really important. But getting to know the goals of your business, creating a strategy and ensuring that you follow it is much more important. This is how you can use the power of SEO in the best way possible to increase your sales.


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