How to Grow Your eCommerce Using Custom Audiences


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Social media has become one massive advertising field since the pandemic. And digital advertisers are estimated to burn up to $100 million a day in the next five years because of advertising fraud.

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Companies heavily invest in online ads since it has become the main platform in getting their products out to the market. Instagram’s ad revenue even reached $18.16 billion in 2021. Advertising fraud is the typical scam that has sprouted out of the growing demand for online ads. So-called advertising experts recommend ineffective placements in websites that supposedly have sufficient traffic without proper research and enough customer data.

Effective advertising strategies include a custom audience. Some of the biggest social media platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn, have a custom audience feature to assure their users’ high customer match and effective ad targeting. Even the top search engine Google has this feature to invite more advertisers, and Google Ad is one of the most commonly used advertising tools among marketers today.

In 2015, custom audiences in Google Ads reportedly had a 50.4% accuracy rate. A customer match this high only means efficient and maximized ad targeting. Facebook can have 20, up to 500 custom audiences per advertising account. What were once merely tools for social communication have innovated into a huge online advertising ground. Social media CEOs have taken this opportunity to create a digital battlefield among brands and marketers.

What is a custom audience?

A Custom Audience is a marketing strategy used for targeting and retargeting customers using the existing customer data you have. To create a Custom Audience, you would need a list of your existing customers, website traffic details, and other analytic data you have of all your past and current website visitors and clients. Using the Custom Audience feature in social networking apps lets you grow your customers through proper data filters and wider customer reach. Custom Audiences target the appropriate users for your ads based on demographics, affinity, purchase intent, and custom segments.

Using Custom Audience is a must if you are planning to grow your business. Social media websites continuously improve this feature because it has proven effective in closing sales among brands, especially campaigns with the right message and visuals.

Growing your e-commerce with custom audiences

A custom audience is one of the most calibrated targeting strategies in advertising. Online stores should consider using this option to keep their brands relevant among consumers. Getting the right message about your brand is just as important as getting it out to the right people. Custom audiences let companies adjust their targeting scopes and remind previous clients or website visitors about their brand’s core message. This is important for e-commerce stores as this feature reaches even those website visitors who did not purchase and gives online stores a chance to re-highlight and redirect those visitors back to their websites.

Audience targeting methods for your business

There are different available methods in targeting the audience for your content, such as demographics, affinity, purchase intent, and custom segments.


Demographic-based advertising refers to customer details such as age, gender, religion, marital status, employment, education, even income. These are the typical details consumers fill out on surveys. This kind of marketing segmentation easily groups your audience into age groups and income levels, which brands usually base their products on.


Audience targeting focused on affinity is a more detailed demographic segmentation, and it is based on your users’ interests and habits. Ads based on affinity are grouped through customers’ keywords, links visited, and recent searches.

Purchase Intent

Customer purchase intention is the consumer buying behavior in which marketers base their ad content. Ads target these users also using keywords. Targeting customers depending on the buying stage helps narrow down audiences that are appropriate for specific ad content.

Custom Segments

Ad targeting based on custom segments helps social media advertisers and business owners deliver refined content they want about their product to the same group of audience they want. Ecommerce and digital retail should take advantage of this targeting method as this proves effective, especially to growing and established brands in the market.

Custom segments for effective social media ads

Marketers use segmentation to boost their digital campaigns and deliver appropriate and customized content to their preferred audience. This enables companies to know what their customers want and need then give them exactly just those. Knowing your customers is key in keeping your brand’s relevance, especially with the continuously booming market. There are automated and AI-enabled segmentation technologies available now, such as customer data platforms (CDP). Still, the core basis to effective digital marketing campaigns and ads remains to be the consumer data.

Custom audiences will always rely on your customer data list. Companies can only get their desired ROIs in social media ads if their customer list has proper custom segmentation to maximize their ad cost.

CDPs make marketers’ life so much easier. It combines data from multiple channels to create your unique and centralized customer database. The database is then created into custom segments to create personalized ad campaigns for your brand. The segment personas are where advertisers can then base their ad content on.

VIEWN provides accurate and comprehensible segmentation for companies using the most advanced AI technology in the market today. VIEWN’s customer data platform simplifies the whole process of custom segmentation for more personalized customer experiences and successful advertising campaigns.

Social media advertising is a growing platform for marketers, and it is an effective tool in getting your brand’s message out to your customers. But it wouldn’t matter how much money you throw in your advertising budget if you don’t have the right customer data list.

Areeya Lila
Areeya Lila has a passion for customer experience and over 20 years in technology. She's an entrepreneur who loves building products; currently, VIEWN enables eCommerce stores to provide the best possible shopping experience through artificial intelligence (AI) powered data analytics and customer personas.


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