How To Get The Most Out Of Your iPhone App Marketing


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Developers who focus on iPhone app development India strategies sometimes face a real challenge of figuring out how to go about creating a new app and launching it. It might seem daunting to try to take in so much information into consideration as you build and launch yours. If you are a business owner or entrepreneur, whether you intend to hire dedicated developer or employ the service of an iPhone app development company in India, here are some of the things you can do to ensure app success.

• Validate Your Idea

You might be convinced that your app idea is a big win, but it would save you a great deal to inspect it thoroughly. Before you begin to devote time, money and other resources, it won’t hurt just to make sure that the idea you have will be demanded by a significant number of users.

• Build Your Personal Online Presence

Before you reveal any progress, you have done with the iPhone app you are developing, start to create a robust and personal online presence. By joining the right platforms and making contact with the right people on these platforms, you can have a bigger audience to announce the release of your app. You can hire dedicated developer with experience in social media management. So many Indian app developers fall into this category.

• Choose Your Revenue Model

Honestly, not every iPhone app is out there to make money. But for those apps that do intend to have a revenue model, you might want to consider adopting the right revenue model. And this will have to depend on the type of app too.

• Review mining

iPhone app developers India experts need to understand the importance and value of app reviews. It doesn’t matter if the app is targeting a particular app. By looking out for reviews, an iPhone app development company can analyze what the competition’s performance and exploit the knowledge gotten to better their own.

• Choose the right name

This is where branding comes in. Choosing the right name for anything is never easy. Apple allows up to 255 characters in naming the app, and it is not mandatory to use all of them. Indian app developers must remember that when naming their app, they should go for simplicity, go for something that can be easily remembered. When you want to submit your iOS app, you’ll need an “extended name.” Your app name along with a few keywords (like a condensed tagline) that clarify what your app is about.

• Build your app’s presence online

It will not be a good marketing strategy to depend solely on the app store. You want a lot of people to hear about your app, so why not inform them about it through various channels like social media among others? Indian app developers should focus on building a presence online.

• Start marketing within your app

Marketing a weak app will be pointless. For your app to market itself, you need certain things to work for you without requiring you to do much afterward. These things include significant improvements in user retention, user experience, design, feedback and customer engagement. You can use his avenue to find out how users use your app and measure the app marketing channel’s effectiveness.

• Get feedback

This is crucial to the success of any app. Since you have an already existing target audience, the feedback they provide you about your app can be used to make the app better. You can get these feedback through different platforms and from different people including other developers.

• Localize

If English is not the native language of your country, then the idea of having your app meet the language of the locals is ideal. You can localize your target market too. There are iPhone app development companies that focus on things like this.

• Get your app reviewed

If you don’t have so much money for advertising, then your app success will depend greatly on the amount of coverage that you can get from as many channels as you can. You can solicit bloggers and writers to give your app a review. Sell the story of the creation of your app to gain more attention and overall interest.

• Paid ads

Paid advertising through other apps is a good way to promote your app. The good news is that platforms such as Facebook are still affordable for most app marketers.

• Market your app with video

Videos are one of the few best ways you can convince someone from a distant location to buy into the app or idea you are selling. By making a short well-scripted demonstration of y=how your app works, you can reach a large number of people through different platforms.

• Deep linking

Use deep linking to narrow the space between a user on an entirely different platform and your app itself. They will be prompted to install your app if they don’t already have it installed on their devices.

• Lifetime value of a customer

Find out the lifetime value of one customer before spending extra resources to acquire new ones. Although, this may be tricky as the app users are not always straightforward.

• Leverage new iOS features

With each new version of iOS that comes out, Apple releases new features with it. You can take good advantage of some of these new features to enhance your app.

• The viral loop

Make use of the viral loop by first sharing your app with your friends, who will then share it with their friends and so on. This may not always work the first time around, so you may have to try it a few times to get it right.

• Do “real-life” marketing

Make an effort to go out on your own to announce the introduction of the apps you built. Use workshops, meetups, and conferences as a point to showcase the work you have done on it.

• Leverage Product Hunt

Product Hunt is a great platform to spread the word about your app. It is a place where people submit tech products and people in the community vote it up or down depending on whether or not they like the product.

• Kill it on launch day

Launch day is when it all goes down. It is when all your marketing strategies hit its peak. Unless you want to release your app in a specific location first, you can make all the channels work for you as you launch and showcase on different platforms simultaneously.

• Improve engagement with push notifications

Even if users forget to occasionally look at your app, push notifications can be used to continue to provide them with contents and a reminder to use the app. You can build yours or use a third-party app for this.

• Measure, improve & keep on marketing

Monitor the progress your app makes, look out for ways you can improve on what you already have and keep marketing what you make.

For iPhone app developers and iPhone app development in India professionals, it might not be easy to do all these things but it is gratifying and you will learn so much along the way. If you choose to hire dedicated developer for the job, it’s also a good way to go.


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