How to Delight Your Customers (and Make Them Promoters)


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Awareness → Convert → Close → Delight!!!

Initiating from “awareness” to concluding at “delight”, a customer travels amidst these four phases.

# Awareness is to educate customers about your product/ services

# Convert is to convince customers to get contact details

# Close is the stage where decision-making matrix exists

# Delight is when the customer is more than happy with your services.

Business ethos says that step-by-step strategy is a key to success. But, still, sooner or later, the focus is to make your customer DELIGHTED and this is what every service provider seeks for!

Studies found that it costs 6-7x more to attract a new customer than to retain an existing one.



However, to make your customer pleased, you have to step out of your comfort zone, think outside-the-box, and then land on the floor of the market.

And, believe me; you are quite fortunate, as you are in 2018, the year of “innovation”, where you will get hundreds of ways to attract customers towards your business. But, still be different and acquire the “Delighted Customers”, even, make them “Promoters” as well.  

Here, what you can do is- just walk through these 5 things that assist you in making your customers the contended promoters.

Before proceeding, just remember- don’t treat them as prospects! Put yourself in their shoes and then start your campaign…

5 Hacks to Get your Customers Delighted

1. Focus on “Personal” Proposition Value and Interpersonal Communication

Don’t serve your customers as “typical clients”. Listen to them, understand them, and add a little personal flavour to your conversation. It is actually the first step to impress customers. Convince them that you are there for them in their problems, fun, laughter, and every other juncture of their lives. In fact, everyone likes that, isn’t it?

Wheather it’s over the phone or in person – you can use a whole range of interpersonal skills to establish a rapport with your consumer.

Concatenating “personal” tone in interaction is the best way to pull your customers towards your business. Don’t be too formal and professional. Be polite, sophisticated, and talk to them as a well-wisher. ☺

For e.g.- How are you? How’s your life going? What are your plans for this vacation? How are you reaching to your destination? And so on…  

2. Come up with solutions (Practical) of their problems

Don’t leave the thread in the middle. After connecting them through their personal problems, give them the best solutions that they are looking for. Remember; don’t make the solution too complicated. Keep it simple, specific, and straightforward.  

If you’re in the travel industry and your customer is encountering with problem in booking hotels at destination, or finding it too expensive, then suggest him some reliable apps, like makemytrip, goibibo, etc.

Possibly, they don’t give a damn to your solutions, then change your curve and then put forward some exciting offers. As an illustration, here, tell them to book [anonymous] hotel within today and get 1-day stay free with 4 days accommodation.  

3. Unlock Pleasant Surprises for them, if possible

Coupled with solutions, award them with some unexpected surprises and capture that moment in your DSLR. 

Like, along with suggesting names of apps or hotels, you can bestow your customers with some gifts, such as camera or luggage bag or traveling kit, etc.

However, make sure, that stuff can be benchmarked with the name of your business or you can give them the options to give their business exposure at another geographical location, keeping enjoyment along.

Surprises always bring smiles and laughter.☺ So, it’s actually a great opportunity for you to spread smiles with your business sideways. What say???

4. Respect and Value the Little Things

At this jiffy, find out the crux behind all the above three steps. Always understand your customer’s requirements and then find the most effective and direct path to make them comfortable. Building trust is as difficult as to climb the steep slope. But, once you will reach the top, you will be at an edge.

So, spearhead with doing little things for your customers, such as understand their problem from the scratch, and instead of giving them comfort in form of words, give them a “little” way to smile. And then unearth the practical solution to their trouble. Even, a small gesture is enough to win heart of your customer and let her/him feel valued.

Here, focus on the way to make their vacation over the top and blissful by giving them options to cherish their moments.

5. Connect to your customers, rather than sell

It’s time to mold your thoughts towards being formal and professional, but to a certain extent.

It is pretty obvious that you are intended to sell your product/ services, but don’t push them. Be rigid and personal and connect to them, rather than simply compelling them to buy your thing.

Analyze the business ethics, especially pain points, before approaching your customer and then adopt pace of innovative techno-oriented solution paired up with personal touch. Trust me; your ball will definitely roll in the right court.

Let them find your contact information easily on Internet. See how Verizon customer service did a great job by putting their information on the customer care directories.

It’s your and your customer’s journey. Fill it with success, fun, and delight and turn up with a badge of “promotion”. ☺

Lucks are on your ways! Smash the target!



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