How to Deal with Frustrated Customer?


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Frustrated customers are a part of your business. If your customers are not satisfied, it means they once trusted your service. You need to win that trust back. But, when you are on customer chat software and you have to deal with irritated customers, things can go haywire if you are careless. To make sure it never comes to that you need to act on the following tips.

Improve Your Empathizing Skills

While dealing with a frustrated customer on chat you have to understand why the other party is upset before you bring up any solution. You have to empathize with customers’ problems by putting yourselves in their place and understand exactly why they are frustrated.

Before you interact with the customer, you need to understand the situation. You need to listen. Just sit back for a while and hear them out before you engage in solving their problems. Listen to their complaints and understand what they are trying to say.

If customers are unable to clearly explain their situation, you might have to do some research on their behalf and talk to your colleagues. Whatever you do, just make yourself accountable.

Prove Yourself Helpful

As you are done with your research, you need to respond. Preparing a good response might take you some time but remember to let customers know that you are on their case, while thanking them for their patience.
Also keep in mind that your customer had a poor or below average experience with the product and brand. So you response has to be tempered by an apologetic attitude. Just put yourself in the customer’s shoes and imagine if you get a response from a company you just finished criticizing, what is it that you want to hear.

After considering this, you need to improve yourself wherever there is room. Don’t let the company policies keep you from solving it.

Understand Online Conversation

While using live chat, you should know that customers prefer being harsh on forums and social media. Remember, your conversation is open to public so diffuse the situation instead of sparking another argument.

Preserve your brand image and control the conversation in a soft and kind way. In case, you are successful, you need to share your story with other people. While at it, don’t forget your sense of humor to keep the client engaged.

Learn from Your Customers

What do negative reviews give you? They give you the chance to improve your service. This is your turn to make that negative into a positive. What, if the irritated customer was right? Maybe, there is room for improvement in your product.

Be careful about treating customers’ feedback lightly. The fact is, most of customer issues are resolvable. When the customer gives you negative feedback, they think you can show up and fix the problem. So, it boils down to the fact that when you improve yourself for one customer; you gradually improve it for all others. As a result, everyone will be happier in the end.

Own the Issue

Despite who ever created the problem or what transpired before the customer reached you. You have to tell him that you own the problem and see to your utmost efforts to resolve it.

Sometimes, it can tempt you that you are not responsible for that, there is another department for it, and you are just a messenger. But for the better, you have to put a lid on such feelings. If you express that you don’t have what it takes to get rid of the problem, the customer will not only lose hope in you but in your business and brand. No business can afford this, so you have to prevent it from happening.

Remember it’s essential to have a positive mindset, while dealing with frustrated customers.

When it comes to live support, remember you can’t control an angry client. Patience is not how long you can wait; it’s how well you behave while you wait. Let the client speak out, listen to everything he has to say and then respond. Start with a couple of questions, engage and prove you are concerned. By the way, you are not representing yourself, you are representing your company and you have to fight for its image.


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