How To Create An App That Is Actually Profitable In 2019


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How to create a successful mobile app

So, you have an app idea, but you are wondering if it is going to be profitable or not.

It’s not a pointless thing to worry about though. If you are planning on investing your time, effort and money into creating an app, then it is not wrong for you to look to make some money with it.

But how to generate that profit?

How are you going to make an app that is going to be profitable for you?

You may need an app to grow your business, or you just want to make an app because you think the app market needs an app like yours. The reason can be anything, but the key idea is to make money with it.

Many people think that just making an app means they are going to make money. This concept is highly inaccurate. Just making an app will not make you money.

To make a successful app, you need to put in extreme planning and rigorous effort. But what are the steps to make a successful app which will also make you money?

Here is a quick guide.

Steps To Make Your App Profitable

Planning and designing an app is one hectic job. There are too many components, and you are bound to get distracted and lost, not knowing which thing to do first.

The basic steps of making a good app can be divided into two major stages: the pre-developmental stage and the developmental stage.

The Pre-developmental Stage

It is the stage that comes before making the app. This is the very step which can make or break your app. Any mistake or negligence that appears on the pre-developmental stage makes things harder for you in the developmental phase.

So how to get the pre-developmental stage right?

1. It All Starts With One Idea

You need a solid idea for an app. You can’t make an app just because you want to. You need to have a clear and precise concept of what you want your app to be about.

Many believe that idea does not matter, and it is all about winging it, while there are some others who knock down every idea they have because they think it is stupid. Both ways are the wrong ways.

You can’t “wing it” while making an app, and you should also not dispose every idea you have just because you think they are not good.

Before deciding on making an app, think hard, brainstorm and note down the ideas you have. And then really consider all those ideas to see which ones have merit, and proceed to the next step.

2. Recognize The Problems

Whatever apps you are using in your daily life, it serves a purpose, it solves a problem. There are no apps which don’t solve a problem. Even gaming apps are there to solve the problem of boredom and dullness.

So what problem is your app solving?

Your app needs to resolve a problem, to serve a purpose in the user’s life. People don’t install apps just if it is not going to be useful to them.

So, make sure that your app actually has a purpose and is not just about taking up space in the app store.

3. The Target Audience, Who Are They?

Once you have an idea, and recognized what problems it is going to solve, it is time to look towards your target audience. They are the people who are going to install and use your app, give you feedback, and pay you for the app and it’s services.

This step is crucial because this is where you are trying to understand the needs of your target audience. This understanding is going to help you in the development and design process.

For example, while making an app for elderly, you have to consider the fact that most of your target audience is going to have some kind of eye problem.

Understanding this will make sure that when designing the app, you are going to make the user interface easier to use for them with easy to read fonts. Understanding the target audience will help you to make a better app.

4. Revenue Model: How Will You Make Money?

Now we come to the real deal, how to make money with your app? It is the primary objective of any app maker. You will be investing a lot of time and money into this so it is not wrong for you to want some kind of profit out of it.

But how are you going to generate the revenue?

App monetization is a whole new ordeal, and a lot can be said about it. But for the sake of keeping this short, let just look at the basics-

there are many ways you can monetize your apps, most famous of these ways are

  • In app advertisement,
  • In app purchase,
  • Subscription to premium services,
  • And of course the paid app services.

Not every app revenue model is compatible for all apps, so consider the kind of app you have and what revenue model goes well with it before applying it.

5. Choosing The Platform And App Type: Android Or iOS? Native Or Cross Platform?

The most popular platforms for you to build an app for are Android and iOS. Sure there are other platforms, but these two dominate the smartphone platform market.

But which one is better for your app?

In terms of comparison between Android and iOS, there is really no winner. Both platforms lack in one aspect while making up in another.

Android has wider market approach due to its affordable price, versatility, and wide range of devices.

iOS one the other hand has users who are more willing to spend on an app and in app purchases. App development for iOS is also easier because there are fewer iOS device types compared to Android.

There is really no problem with choosing any one of these platforms, but there is another way you can take.

You don’t have to develop your app for only one platform. Sure it would be a bit difficult to develop a cross-platform app that is available for both android and iOS, but it is going to give you a better and wider user base. A native app for only one of these platform is going to give you limited number of users and profit.

The Developmental Stage

Once you have finished basic preparations in pre developmental stage, it is time to finally start developing your app. But what are the most important things to consider in this developmental stage?

1.  UI & UX Design And How It Affects Your User Base?

The most important thing when it comes to mobile app development is the UI and UX design. When users enter your app, the first thing they notice is how smooth the UI is.

The user interface and user experience are two important aspects of getting new users and retaining the old ones. So make sure to have a smooth UI and UX for your users.

2. Prototype Development And Beta Testing

Prototype is basically your app with limited functionality. Having a prototype means you have your basic app and you can add on it to make improvements.

Prototype app is also going to help you with beta testing. Through beta testing you can eliminate all the problematic aspects of your app and make it better.

3. Launch and market your app properly

Even after you have finished designing the app, you still have to properly launch and market it to your target audience. You need to market your app properly if you want it to generate the kind profit you want from it.

Consider your competitors, and see how they are marketing their app. Once you have taken a measure of your competitions, implement a pre-launch marketing strategy. You can use techniques such as email marketing, blog and website creation to get your target audience hyped about your app.

Another best way to market your app today is hiring social media influencers who have big follower base.

A proper marketing strategy is going to make sure that your app launch is the kind of success you need.

4. Monitoring The App

So you have finished developing your app, launched it successful, and now it is definitely time to sit back and enjoy the profits, right?

Actually, it’s not.

To make profit with your app, you continuously need to work on it. The post launch activities affect the app success as much as pre-development and developmental stages.

app analytics

Keep up with the user feedback, and keep updating the app to provide new features and new content to your users. Updating the app with new features is going to help you get more downloads and users.

There is always room for improvements, and you need to keep providing your users with those improvements to generate continuous revenues. So don’t sleep on it, keep working on your app.

The Final Take

Making a profitable app is not an easy task. The market and basic user base is forever changing and you need to keep changing your strategy along with it. Following the basic steps mentioned here in this article will give you an idea of what makes an app profitable.

The one thing you always need to remember is that you can only generate revenue if your app is serving the users right. A happy user base means more profit for you.



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