How Retailers Making The Best Use of MS Dynamics CRM?


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Ecommerce business involves many complexities and to manage them all at once, Microsoft Dynamics CRM Company brings a robust retail management system. In this article, experts from the company will share the best information about the system and how it is helping retailers in staying ahead of the competition.

Dynamics CRM suite includes definitive, themed CRM and ERP app solutions and each of them is covering several aspects of business operations. Apps included in the suite offer features essential to run e-commerce; Dynamics 365 for Sales assists businesses in customer engagement and sales processes; Dynamics for Marketing includes tools for marketing automation, Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations assists in financial decisions, and Dynamics 365 for talent helps in getting the best talent for the business.

For retailers, dynamics 365 suite has an app – Dynamics 365 for Retail, which is made to handle frontend and backend of modern retailing. It also involves the use of some industry-specific tools. Modern-day retailing is different and complex; there are no specific guidelines that tell what a retailer is, what he sells, where he sells, or how he connects with the customers. 

With the internet, the retail ecosystem is now wide open and available for customers to shop 24X7 from anywhere. As so many customers are active on different platforms, retailers should be able to target those customers.

Due to the availability of countless solutions and software for catering the retailing needs, companies are losing their precious time and critical chances to analyze their business data.

Even if a retailer uses online store or running any physical outlet or using third party eCommerce or all of them, Dynamics 365 for retail can help retailers in optimizing the business processes of different areas.

Features of Dynamics 365 for Retail 

Retail is multifaceted- retailers have to deal with different operations, staffing, and inventory merchandising. They need to observe performance and operate across different multiple channels without interrupting the customer experience. To remain in the competition, retailers need to provide dependable service throughout their outlets, call centers, e-commerce and app platforms. Dynamics 365 for Retail is a holistic solution that not only handles but optimizes every area of the retail life cycle. Things Dynamics 365 for retail do for retailers –

  • Offer Unified Ecommerce

Since customers are using different options to browse and buy products and interact with retailers; businesses require a system that offers seamless customer experience and manages every aspect of operations. 

Dynamics 365 for Retail aims to help users to give an excellent shopping experience throughout stores, mobile, web, and contact centers by building up a familiar, reliable cross-channel platform. 

It also provides the flexibility and freedom, letting them address products available in online stores, collect orders from different locations and arrange delivery with optimized ordering of retail.

  • Customer experience management 

Customers running short of time expect to feel valued by the brands they follow. The customer experience management feature helps retailers to meet the expectations of loyal customers and deliver them a happy shopping experience. Customer engagement is consistent throughout a range of touchpoints, and these touchpoints are integrated to create a seamless shopping experience for customers. 

The tools like brand apps let customers browse the catalog of retailers with ease. As the expectations of customers continue to rise with demands, online competition increases and retailers need to do a lot of things than just providing the best deal. Using dynamics 365 for Retail, they can access real-time customer data and get real-time reports which further help them in informed decision making.

  • Workforce management 

Dynamics 365 for retail offers personalized experience for employees too. Retailers can illustrate their organizational structure for employees by designating departments, positions, jobs, and reporting responsibilities. The app also allows employees to access a self-service portal that enables them to view assigned tasks, schedules, and responsibilities. 

  • Simple deployment and updates

It is possible with e-commerce and mobile optimization that a retail business can be run for 24X7. Dynamics 365 for Retail is made and designed by the Microsoft cloud. Using dynamics 365 for Retail in the cloud can give benefits like- app remain up to date, no need of downloading updates. 

  • Integrate POS system 

MS dynamics 365 for Retail has a retail module for point available to be purchased that enables retailers to deal with their merchandising, inventory, and channel management stages. The integrated POS system can be run on-premise or cloud through a wide range of devices, including mobile and tablets on iOS, Windows, Android, and web browsers.

There are a lot of reasons to explain the need for dynamics 365 for retail business. Microsoft Dynamics CRM Company has shared some points in this article. If you want to learn more about dynamics 365, connect with professionals today for assistance.


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