How much for the education app development — Five things to avoid in educational apps


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The Coronavirus outbreak in 2020 gives a huge boost to the E-learning apps industry. The whole educational industry is now in the hands of E-learning applications. The similar learning process can be continued by staying at home. Now the main target of today’s parents and teachers is to familiarize the students with this new trend of E-learning.

Many of the start-ups and established educational industries are implementing innovative and unique ideas on their e-learning applications. but only a few apps get success in this competitive market.
To know more about E-learning applications, how much is the cost of development. And the things that mobile app development companies should avoid to ensure your success in the market. Please continue the blog.

What are E-learning applications?

The applications that are created to fulfill educational and institutional purposes are called E-learning applications. E-learning applications include classroom applications, various test conducting applications, educations information providing applications, and much more.

If you have a unique idea on educations now is the high time to develop an education application around your idea and start a business.
All education e-learning applications have some specific purpose that they serve their users. Still there some feature which is common on every e-learning application such as,

• Simple, seamless, and more attractive UI experience
• Presence of various on/off options of camera and mike during video communication.
• Smooth navigations among the various options of the app settings
• The display should be colorful and full of images
• Restrictions on various pop-ups and messages while the student is attending a class which can avoid distractions

What are factors influence the cost of e-learning app development?

The cost or investments required for developing an e-learning educational application depends on various factors. Such as design, quality of features implemented in it, conceptualization, and the method of development. usually for a basic e-learning app can cost you around 5000 to 25,000 dollars. Again, if you go for custom educational Mobile App Development services the investment can go up to 20,000 to 25,000 dollars.

The above-mentioned amounts are a rough estimate of a basic development process. This value may go up or down if you implement various features. Such as implementations of cloud computing services, high-end designs, custom features, and 3-D or graphic visuals.

The factors affecting the cost of developing an E-learning app can be broadly divided into 3 parts. Such as

• Location
The cost of development depends on the currency flow of the country of origin. The cost of the developers in Asian and European countries is less than the American countries. Which ultimately decreases the overall development price of the applications.

If instead of choosing an in-house development process you go out-sourcing your development process to a country like India. You will be able to get a full-functioning application by investing around 10,000 to 15,000 dollars. Whereas if you outsource it to America it will take up to 40,000 dollars which may be difficult for the start-up companies.

• Platform
The OS platform of the app is another important factor of investments. Usually cost of developing an app compatible with iOS costs more than that of Android. Developing an E-learning iOS compatible application can charge you up to 5000 dollars.

• Company
Hiring a well-established and experienced eLearning web portal development company is very important. The best company will help you to develop a seamless, feature-packed product at a reasonable cost. So it is better to do your research and learn more about the development companies before investing in them.
5 things that an E-learning educational app should avoid.
Like every other application present in the market. The e-Learning applications are also having some factors that should be avoided in order to ensure their success. Here are 5 such factors,

• Offline learning experience
Applications like music and video steaming earned their success by providing offline services. This can be the turning point of e-learning applications also. The student will be able to repeat the class they have missed or not understood and simultaneously clear their doubts.
This will help you provide premium services to your users and also boosting up your revenue model on the same go. Plus, this will fix the connectivity issues that students face. They can simply download the classes and watch them offline.

• Cluttered applications
In order to make the e-learning app feature-packed the developers usually end up cluttering it. That means making the app too complicated to use. This can make you lose your customers. To avoid this scenario, you should hire a better development service. Who can develop a simple product with all the essential and unique features need to service and succeed in the market.

• Overloading of Text
Implementing information is mandatory for e-learning applications. But overloading the information in the form of text can be the reason for the downfall of your app. To avoid this you can always hire a better content specialist, as they can feasibly design and create intriguing ways to provide the information to your users.

• Absence of proper assessment and evaluation tools
It is one of the main challenges of an e-learning application that can disrupt its main purpose. The learning process should be under a continuous feedback loop.
Plus, the applications should have enhanced assessment features. Which can check the progress of the students through various quizzes and tests after the video sessions. Moreover, this feedback system will also help the tutor app development company to understand whether their teaching process is suitable for the students or not.

• Less responsive design
This factor is to ensure that your application can handle the computing without any compromise on the performance. Usually, in order to make the application looks flawless, the developers use high-end visualizations features that can slow down the performance. To avoid this, you can use light-weighted simple features and maintain the app performance to the maximum. Also developing the application on a better framework also give a boost in the performance of it.


E-learning educational application in the future of the education industries. And due to the present situating starting a business reading this will be profitable of the start-ups. You just have to be clear about your requirements and choose the best e-learning app development company present in the market. Who will be able to provide the best feature-packed application at a reasonable cost.

Amit Agrawal
As the Founder and COO at Cyber Infrastructure Inc, it is my aspiration to drive our global clients ahead in the competitive technology world by enabling them to receive huge financial and operational benefits in web development through my years of experience and extensive expertise as technology adviser and strategist. In my current position at CIS, I spearhead management of various technology initiatives, expansion of our technology capabilities, and delivery of quality excellence to our clients.


  1. E-learning apps are becoming increasingly popular as a way to learn new things or brush up on old skills. However, as with anything, there are certain things you should avoid if you want to get the most out of your e-learning experience. Here are five of the biggest mistakes you can make with e-learning apps:
    1. Not Researching the App First When you’re looking for an e-learning app, it’s important to do your research first. There are a lot of different options out there, and not all of them are created equal. Look for reviews of the app, see what other people are saying, and make sure it’s something that will meet your needs.
    2. Not Paying for the App There are a lot of free e-learning apps out there, but that doesn’t mean they’re all good. In fact, many of the best e-learning apps are actually paid ones. They may cost a few dollars, but they’re well worth it for the quality of content and features you’ll get.
    3. Not Using the App ConsistentlyIf you start using an e-learning app and then stop using it, you’re not going to get very far. Remember, learning takes time and effort, so you need to be consistent with your use of the app if you want to see results.
    4. Not Checking for UpdatesJust like with any other type of software, e-learning apps need to be updated from time to time. Make sure you’re checking for updates on a regular basis, so you can get the latest features and bug fixes.
    5. Not Asking for HelpIf you’re having trouble with an e-learning app, don’t be afraid to ask for help. Many developers offer support through their websites or social media platforms, so you should be able to get the assistance you need.


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