How Much Does It Cost To Develop A Web App?


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How Much Does It Cost To Develop A Web App


Developing a high-quality web application is highly preferred by businesses right now. This fact has a general explanation: supreme quality web applications are extremely useful in resolving a list of tasks as well as complex business problems. If you are all set to incorporate a web app development solution into your business, you might be wondering how much would it cost. In this article, we will explore a list of factors as well as the overall cost of web app development that will help you get an estimate for the same.

What are the Various Types of Web Apps?

Before starting with the web app development process, you must know which one to choose for your business. Broadly web apps are divided into six major categories. This classification is based on the information or content that is required to highlight a web app solution. Let us explore the web app categories in depth.

Static web application- A static website is extremely easy and faster to develop with HTML and CSS programming languages. Static applications are also cost-effective but they are usually preferred for displaying static web information or portfolios. For example, even if you are determined to update particular information on the website or you are required to perform the essential task, you can consider static web applications for the aforementioned reasons.

Dynamic web application- Dynamic web applications are more powerful than the former. They offer great usability and easy to maintenance. Dynamic web applications also provide an opportunity to display different content as per users’ preferences and their location. Dynamic web applications are developed with a combination of coding and HTML framework. Unlike a static web application, they hold download the entire database of the web content to offer an effortless User experience.

E-Commerce web application- E-Commerce web applications are different from any other solution and they have the incorporation of advanced features like content management system, search engine optimized layout, payment gateways, reporting tools, push notifications, email integration, chatbots, and many other features that can influence the cost of developing any such solution. Incorporating similar features for your E-Commerce Store, you can reach out to your Global audience with extreme ease.

Web portal development- There are multiple web portals including B2B, B2C, community, learning, and many more. Each of these web application portals can be segmented from one another based on their features and operability. For managing the information, you can use the features like document management, multi-site support, advanced search, etc. To make this portal socially active, you can incorporate media galleries, activity streams, polls and ratings, similar functions in your applications.

Animation web app- With the advent of technology and its environment, it is essential to offer something extra to your users. It not only helps businesses to keep their potential customers engaged but also helps them beat the contemporaries. Animation web applications require cross-platform support. Also, the devices come with multiple orientations, aspect ratios, pixel densities, hence it is required to test the application on different devices and platforms to enhance their response times and performance.

Now that you know about the different types of web apps available, you can easily choose the one that is in sync with your business goals. Now let us move on to the factors that affect the cost of developing a web app.

Factors That Affect the Web App Development Cost

Any web development company irrespective of its size and experience can never tell the exact price to develop a web app. It is because of a list of factors that can influence the web app development cost. In this segment, we will go through some of those potential factors.

1. Scope of work

The first aspect that can influence the cost of a web app is its functioning. Whether you are developing a simple online store, any online brochure, or a unique system, application functionality remains intact. It is a must-have to understand if the app refers to a standalone system or third-party integration solutions. Multiple databases, APIs, mobile compatibility solutions, or many more- the most sophisticated the application is, the more time it will take to develop. This can increase the cost of web app development eventually.

2. Complexity in design

Designing a custom user interface takes more time more than developing the solution from templates. The web app development cost also depends on application complexity, the number of its elements, animations, etc. Moreover, the application interface should not only be innovative but it should have the convenience to use an intuitive and eye-pleasing interface. Both the designers and developers are required to bring all these features to life for the app. For instance, how to develop a simple landing page takes around 6-8 to 18-20 hours. Hence, it is always advisable to hire a development company that has an expert UI UX designer and offers customizes web development services to their clients.

3. Deadlines

The cost of web app development is hugely affected by the deadlines imposed on them by the clients or the management team. Ultimately, a rush web development equates to higher costs. It is because to meet the project development deadlines resources and development teams are required. A tight schedule for project development also comes with the increased requirement of effective management. At some point in the project, simply add the developers to the project development team yields no major increase in application productivity.

4. Non-functional requirements

Every web app development solution comes with a set of functional requisites, i.e., a set of features that every application should be capable of integrating. The rest of the requirements can be easily repaired with a category of non-functional requisites. This non-functional category is inclusive of multiple characteristics that describe the application’s functioning.

Some of the examples may include security, scalability, reliability, and performance. Keeping these elements in mind, one must follow the best tips to choose the right technology for web app development. This is because the right technology gives you that discretion to work on these elements. It is important to give your users a perfect user experience with your web app solution.

5. Business niche

The cost of web development depends upon the project you have chosen and its complexity. For example, if you are developing an online store or journal, you can expect a limited price for web app development. Projects like this do not require specialized skills and knowledge, and so they are comparatively cheaper. However, to develop complex suites, web app development companies are required to have a unique approach all the time. These applications cannot be developed without a highly qualified and experienced team backed by management expertise.

6. Location of the developer

Offshore web development is often cheaper as compared to on-premises or local development. In Australia, Canada, the USA, an hour of web development cost around $80 to $300- this is the highest rate of web development in the world. There are various app development firms that offer affordable web development services on an hourly basis. For instance, web development cost in Europe is twice as low as that of Belarus or Ukraine.
It may seem that the higher the price of a web solution is, the excellent is the job. However, it is not entirely

How much does it Cost to Develop a Web App?

In general, there are various methodologies that you can use for predicting the probable cost of web development. Some of these approaches are based on project specifications, expectations, and the equitable value of the web app. You can predict the requests or proposals for application by identifying some crucial cues. Based on the size and complexity of the companies, the cost to develop web solutions varies.

● The large-scale web development company

They are well-established names in the software development industry that comes with luxurious establishments and have a long track of offering solutions. Some of the companies have the reputation of working with big clients and they have well-paid executives. These types of web development companies typically offer its web app development services only to a specific group of clients with a price tag starting at around $200. Their application developers also earn 6 figures in a year and the average cost of developing any such project with these companies is around $500 K. Their development projects are impeccably developed by the top application developers to justify the hourly rate of developing custom web apps solutions.

● The mid-scale web development company

Mid-scale web app development companies have limited on-premise staff, streamline operations, and reasonable spending with them. Depending on their geographical location, the average hourly rate falls into the range of $40 to $200. Usually, these companies have an agile methodology, well-organized staff, and they are capable of speeding up the web development process without compromising the code quality. Mid-scale web development companies hire web developers with limited skill sets and they make the best partners in terms of a short-term and long-term association.

● The Small-scale web development company

Small scale companies are regulated web app development agencies that have lesser staff inclusive of the company partners and owners. The web app development hourly rates range from $30 to $150 depending upon the location of the company. Usually, small scale web development companies have inadequate staff and proper management skills which makes them a misfit for large-scale web development projects. However, these companies are suitable for developing Kickstarter applications or projects for small businesses.

How to Reduce the Web App Development Cost

While calculating the cost of a web app development project it is important to monitor the expenses as well as income opportunities of the companies. It is because the ultimate goal is to limit the first ones along with expanding the profitable business potential. There are various driving forces that can increase and decrease the cost of web development.

It usually occurs that after developing an application prototype for estimating its initial cost of development, you may understand that the project cost can significantly exceed your budget. In these circumstances, you have no other option but to reconsider your application features and its requirements.
There are two possible ways that you can consider for reducing the web app development cost-

● You can cut off everything other than developing minimal viable products for your project. you will also get a trial version for testing in a real-life environment

● You can search for better alternatives in terms of web designing services. Asked the web app development team if they can offer affordable alternatives for expensive tasks and features.
You can keep a check on both these aspects and check yourself how it can affect your overall cost to develop a web solution and its efficiency.

The Bottom Line

There are various factors that can affect the cost of a web app solution and hence, you must consider each factor in the web app development process. If the estimate of the web app development company is lower than your expected budget, do not hurry and sign the contract. It is extremely important to ask for a detailed estimate for your web app project. These small steps and concerns will help you save your time, nerves, and most importantly money.

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