How Medical Decision-making AI Systems Can Also Help People Obtain Better Diagnoses For Treatment


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Technology is changing at a rapid pace. These days tech is not just used to simplify the workflow but it has the potential to transform the workflow. Advanced technologies are introduced to make the process more convenient and precise. Some of the prominently used advanced technologies are Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, Machine Learning, Artificial intelligence, and so on.

Each of these technologies is highly desirable and has impacted multiple industries in different ways. In this article, we will know about AI (Artificial Intelligence) and its use cases in healthcare. Internet of things solutions are high in-demand. Let’s discuss how artificial intelligence is helping in the evolution of the medical system.

What Is Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial Intelligence is an advanced technology where machines offer human-like solutions. This branch of computer science helps to develop smart machines that have the ability to perform tasks that demand human intelligence. This intelligence is usually termed AGI (Artificial General Intelligence).
The first AI project was done in 1943 in the form of design. The term ‘Artificial Intelligence’ was coined in 1956 by Stanford professor John McCarthy. It took time for technology to evolve and was commercially widely available around 2011. In the early 21st century Artificial Intelligence was being used primarily for medical diagnosis along with some other uses.

A glimpse of Artificial Intelligence Statistics:

According to the latest data, the market size of artificial intelligence was valued at $27.23 billion, in 2019 (Fortune Business Insights, 2020). This figure is projected to reach $266.92 billion by 2027- a nearly tenfold increase in 8 years with a compound Annual Growth Rate of 33.2 percent.
Global artificial intelligence in the healthcare market is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 41.5% from 2019 to 2025.

How AI Helps In Detecting Or Forecasting?

Artificial Intelligence solutions have a very strong analytical system. On the basis of previous years’ data stored in the system, AI predicts the future. AI analyzes the data on the basis of facts to predict. This is why it is widely used to detect disease, forecast weather, and so on. Previous health information of the patient is fed in the AI-based software and on the basis of symptoms Artificial Intelligence detects the disease.

Application Of Artificial Intelligence In The Healthcare Domain
Healthcare is one of the first sectors to embrace Artificial intelligence and leverage the benefits. Here are few prominent use cases of the Application of AI in the healthcare sector:

1. Detects disease: AI at a large level is being applied in medical diagnosis. The prime reason behind this is, its ability to detect accurate disease with almost negligible possibilities to make an error. AI-based software is smart enough to detect the disease even before the symptoms are visible.

Why are Artificial Intelligence solutions being integrated even after having high-skilled professionals? It is because of primarily two reasons (A) Many a time we have seen patients losing health due to human error. AI will reduce the error to a minimum or negligible thus saving more lives. And (B) it is faster than the professionals to detect. Google in research verifies that a neural network is able to detect possibilities of lung cancers before the radiologist. So it not only helps in faster detection but also in earlier detection.

Artificial Intelligence is used to classify the disease as well. Now, how does it do that? Well, Artificial intelligence uses images to classify images. On the basis of its deep learning, understanding and analyzing the images helps doctors in classifying images. It recognizes patterns and on the basis of its algorithm, it guesses the right disease. With the help of AI-based software developed by IoT App development company doctors are able to prescribe more effective and apt treatment.

2. AI-based treatment solutions: Even after detecting or classifying disease, the treatment is a difficult task. Treatment is not just about prescribing the medicines. A lot of beforehand and after hand processes may cause additional issues. Artificial Intelligence makes aftercare easier and helps patients in going through different treatments. Artificial intelligence integration helps doctors by guiding them through the treatment. Recent researches have proved AI along with the Internet of things solutions are highly effective in the healthcare sector.

Better detection, classification, and treatment with the help of Artificial Intelligence pave ways for people to live longer. It minimizes the need for hospitalization ensuring a happy living. On the basis of data collected from lifestyle and environment, AI even offers measures to ensure healthy living. It is high time to integrate this technology into your organization, if you need help you can contact IoT App Development Company.

3. Improves decision-making: Doctors tell about the disease on the basis of visible. But sometimes, when symptoms are similar doctors have to put lots of effort to accurately know the disease. In such situations of turmoil Artificial Intelligence, on the basis of its smart intelligence, assists doctors in making the right decision. Diagnosis is a tricky process and external advanced technical support helps to make decisions more accurate.

Artificial Intelligence helps in making a data-driven prediction. So, when doctors need to go back to research papers to match the symptoms it can be an arduous task. Artificial intelligence-based IoT app development services in minimum time fetch the most relevant papers to doctors that can speed up the process.

Few Final Thoughts

Now let us come to our question- how medical decision-making AI systems can also help people obtain a better diagnosis for treatment?

Medical-decision-making AI systems have a very strong analytical ability. On the basis of previous data stored in the system, it helps to obtain a better diagnosis for treatment. It has the capability to detect the disease even before symptoms appear. On the basis of images provided, IoT App Development Services help in classifying disease. AI has a very powerful data-driven model that makes the complex process easier and helps in making better decisions. In this article we have mentioned the uses of Artificial Intelligence in the healthcare sector.

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