How IoT’s Impact in Preventing Industrial Downtime and Improving Plant’s Efficiency


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Digitization has spread to every corner of the world then how can the manufacturing industry be left behind. These days everything from business models to crucial enterprise decisions has adopted digital transformation. So this digitization is bound to impact the manufacturing industry as well. This is because the manufacturing industry is always in strive to acquire every possible opportunity to raise their profit margins. And this is possible only by streamlining all the involved procedures and reducing the downtime as much as possible. Now at the core of this adaptation or transformation lies the Internet of Things Solutions.

IoT App Development

The manufacturers can easily build digital factories for the time to come by combining machine learning, artificial intelligence technology, and predictive analysis with the Internet of Things Solutions. This will enable the manufacturers to increase productivity and attain strong clientele experience as well. In addition to this, higher-level security can also be acquired with this combination of different technological solutions as this will render them visibility of network anomalies and access patterns as well.

So, below we have mentioned how manufacturers are using IoT app development for preventing the downtime of industry and also to improve the efficiency of the plant. Plus they are also leveraging Azure platforms and services as well. Let us see below, how?

How IoT Solutions Company facilitate Smart Manufacturing

Minimized Downtime

Earlier, factories reacted only when their machines used to stop working or was not performing properly. This means that factories made repairs and tried to arrange production back up as quickly as possible only in such situations. Now during this time, the technicians had to leave their work or work overtime in order to make repairs in these mechanical issues. And at the times when the essential parts were not there in the stock, the manufacturer has to bear unexpected costs, plus it used to cause a great amount of delay in production and deadlines.

With the help from IoT solutions company, the factories are now able to practice a more predictive model of maintenance. Through this, they are able to anticipate and solve the issues related to equipment before it could impact production. For example, the company named Power and Marine Division of DEIF is successfully implementing IoT app development for transforming operations related to manufacturing. The company supplies controllers for diesel generators that are used in critical mission application such as oil rigs, ship propulsion, offshore stations along with many more. They are doing so by combining IoT solutions with a plethora of Azure services such as SQL Azure, App Services, etc.

Rather than following the previous traditional model of halting the production at the time of machine issues, factories or manufacturers now are reducing or preventing downtime as much as possible by moving towards a more proactive model.

Enhanced Product Quality

There is no doubt in the fact that manually checking the quality of each and every product has been quite costly as well as time-consuming. Plus it always created room for human error. This was a very major issue as the product whose quality is not up to the standards landed in the customer’s hands and hampered the Brand’s reputation. Thus it was a need of the hour to find some quick and efficient solution for this. IoT solutions company came to the rescue for this. With their IoT sensors, manufacturers were able to determine the product’s quality and check which product needed a thorough physical examination. This could be done easily as feeding the data related to specifications of the product and its other metrics into IoT sensors was not a difficult task to do. This became the reason why manufacturers rapidly started to turn to IoT solutions for keeping in check the quality of their products.

Piramal Glass is an example of such use of IoT solutions. They produce an immense amount of glass containers based on several parameters. Earlier they used to check the quality and maintain records in logbooks made of paper. This was a tedious task to do and did not provide sufficient time to analyze the quality properly. Thus, IoT solutions proved beneficial to them.

Enhanced Efficiency and Security

The clerical tasks that are done manually such as the assembling and packing of the products, boxes, etc reduce the efficiency and productivity of a factory. Besides, the workers who are engaged in these duties could not work on other jobs that required human intelligence. To combat this problem and to enhance efficiency, factories can turn themselves into digital factories. This can be done by revising the current procedures and by identifying all the points of data collection.

IoT sensors will be of great help here as they can be used to collect as well as to transmit data rather than doing it manually. And employees will be able to devote their time to procedures that require human analysis. This also enables factories to gain visibility of the production processes which will lead to enhanced production efficiency. Again Piramal Glass is a great example as so far they have analyzed over 200 million points of data collection with the help of 4,000 IoT sensors.

But there is one more challenge to overcome and that is the challenge of security, ensuring that your information is safe. This can be done by using any platform that supports building individual identities as well as credentials for every connected device. This will help to retain the messages’ confidentiality.

Summing it up

IoT surely is one of the most beneficial of all as it is also used in the iPhone application development as well. With the help of IoT, the production processes can be improved to a great extent and this ultimately leads to improved customer satisfaction via products of higher quality, a faster pace of shipping times, and increased availability. Manufacturers will be able to make a mark in the competition of today’s world with their IoT-enabled digital factories.

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