How Industries Are Using Big Data as a Competitive Tool


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Data is being utilized into very function and sector of the global economy, and similar to other vital factors of production such as human capital and hard assets, most of the modern economic activities couldn’t actually take place without them.

The entire use of Big data, which is a large amount of data that can easily be brought together as well analysed in order to find the patterns and facilitate in the decision making, will necessarily become the entire basis of growth as well as competition for the businesses, that will improve productivity and even create significant value for the entire world economy by means of reducing waste as well as increasing the overall quality of products as well as services. Mobile app development is actively inculcating Big Data to improve business decision making.
The history of past trends in IT innovation and investment along with its overall impact on productivity and competitiveness certainly suggest that Big Data can have significant power on its ability to transform the businesses.

The similar preconditions which allowed various past trends of IT-enabled innovation to empower productivity through technological innovations that were followed by the adoption of various management innovations are in the right place for Big Data and we expect businesses utilizing Big Data technology as well as advanced analytic capabilities to have a great impact on the overall productivity similar to businesses offering other types of technology.

All kinds of companies have to take Big Data as well as its potential in order to create value in case they wish to compete in this market. For instance, travel application development can utilize the GPS data and itinerary in consideration to improve the travel experience of the users.

Big Data and Competitive Edge

Source: Big Data Executive Survey 2017,

The utilization of Big Data is slowly becoming quite crucial for the leading businesses to outperform their competitors. In case of most of the businesses, various established competitors, as well as new entrants, are now leveraging data-driven strategies in order to innovate, capture value as well as compete. It is found that various businesses have shown the increased importance of Big Data in enhancing their competitive edge.

In healthcare, the companies are now analyzing the health outcomes of various medicines which are prescribed and discovering the entire risks as well as benefits which weren’t actually evident during the clinical trials that are often limited. Other early adopters of this technology are now utilizing data from sensors that are embedded in their products from industrial goods to daily wearables are used to determine how these various products are used in the real world. This knowledge can inform the creation of new services as well as the design of upcoming products. On demand service apps are actively pursuing the collection of data to improve their services.

Big Data will assist in creating new growth opportunities as well as new categories of businesses so that they can aggregate as well as analyze the industry data. A lot of them will have large information where data regarding the products as well as services along with consumer preferences and intent can easily be captured as well as analyzed. Market experts across various sectors are becoming aggressive to create the Big Data capabilities of their companies.

Along with the huge scale of Big Data, the high-frequency and real-time nature of the data is quite important. For instance, the ability to easily estimate the metrics like consumer confidence is widely used that adds an improved ability to predict. In the same way, the high frequency of the data allows users to easily test theories in real-time and at a better degree of certainty.

Ways to Leverage Big Data

Big Data can easily be leveraged by the companies. Mentioned below are these ways to do so.

1. Unlocking value by making information transparent

There is still a significantly large amount of information and data that isn’t captured in digital form, for instance, data on the paper or the data which isn’t easily searchable and accessible through the networks. It is founded that a significant portion of the effort in few knowledge worker groups often consists of searching for the data and then transferring the data to another location, mostly virtual. This particular effort represents a major source of inefficiency.

Big Data can help in bringing it down and make the information more transparent. Companies engaged in mobile app development can utilize this transparency to create more secure mobile apps.

2. Creation and storage of more transaction data in the digital form

The companies can easily collect more detailed and accurate performance information from everything such as product inventories to even sick days and hence expose the variability and even boost performance. In fact, some of the leading businesses are utilizing their ability to easily collect as well as analyze big data in order to conduct various controlled experiments in order to make improved management decisions.

3. It will allow narrower segmentation of the customers, and hence more precise and tailored products, as well as services, will emerge.

4. Sophisticated analytics can easily improve decision making as well as minimize risks and reveal valuable insights that would have remain hidden in the traditional sense.

5.Development of the latest generation of products as well as services

For instance, the manufactures will be using the data collected from the sensors that are duly embedded in their products to easily create more innovative after-sales services like proactive maintenance in order to avoid any failure of the new products.

There are various technical issues which need to be resolved in order to make the most out of the Big Data. Various legacy systems, as well as incompatible formats and standards, are currently preventing the integration of the data and the application of sophisticated analytics which create value. The use of large digital assets will need an assembly of latest technology stack from storage as well as computing through visualization and analytical software applications.

On-demand service apps have to be developed by utilizing the latest technology stack that can leverage the Big Data and allow integration of the data.


The entire era of Big Data can yield various new management practices and principles. During the infancy of professionalized corporate management, the market leaders discovered that the particular minimum efficient scale was the major determinant of the entire competitive success. Similarly, future competitive benefits are much more likely to allow the companies to capture better and more data but also utilize that particular data effectively at a larger scale.

There is a growing consensus that by reflecting on these various particular issues, the executives will be more capable of recognizing how the Big Data can easily upend the assumptions that are behind their strategies.

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