How Does CSAT Differ From Net Promoter Score (NPS)?


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Getting to know the experience of a customer is the most important thing today. Based on the experience and feedback of a customer, a company can understand its actual worth and can know the key places for improvements. Measuring the experience of the customers in the right way is also necessary in order to get the best results.

When it is talked about the measurement of the customer experience, there are a number of different options available today. The two most common options that are often talked about are Customer Satisfaction with a product of service (CSAT) and Net Promoter Score (NPS).

CSAT deals with the satisfaction of a customer with a particular product or service available from the company, while NPS measures the loyalty of the customer towards the company. Though today both the terms are of huge importance, understanding the difference between them can help you in using them in a much better way.

The Basic Difference between CSAT and NPS

The basic difference between the two measures is already mentioned that CSAT is about customer satisfaction with a product or service while NPS is about the loyalty of the customer.

When CSAT is used, it talks about a particular product or service of the company. The questions are regarding the recent product that the customer has bought or a recent service that the customer has taken from the organization. It has nothing to do with the other factors that the company has been offering.

But again NPS is not just about a particular product or service. It may happen that a customer may have not liked a product but is a loyal customer of the brand. Thus, NPS talks about the loyalty of the customer towards the brand. It asks questions such as whether the customer is likely to suggest the brand to someone else or not and so on.

How CSAT and NPS Are Different in Long Term Goals?

When it is about the long term goals, NPS stands much stronger than CSAT. If a new customer has purchased a product and offered good feedback about the product, it does not predict whether the customer will be getting other services from the company in the future or not. It may happen that the customer may have a bad experience the very next time and the person may not return back again.

But when the customer experience is counted over Net Promoter Score Software, it measures the satisfactory level of the customer towards the company as a whole. This can include the products and services of the company, the customer support offered along with the policies, and many others. Only a customer who is associated with the company for a long time or knows the brand well can offer genuine feedback towards these factors. Thus, this can definitely help the organization in knowing whether the customer will stay loyal to the company in the future also or not.

CSAT or NPS! Which One to Choose?

Often this is a major question that many of the companies get stuck at. One of the best ideas is that the big companies can go for the CSAT system while the start-ups or the small firms can make use of the Net Promoter Score software.

A big company has already a good number of loyal customers and their NPS score is much higher generally. So, they should also focus on how customers are responding to their newly launched products and services. This can help them in bringing in more customers in their loyalty circle.

But when a company is small, they cannot take risks with one single product. It is important to remind the customers about other factors such as customer service and others while they are asking for customer feedback. It may happen that they may return back to you the next time keeping in mind your great customer service, even when your product was not up to the mark for them.

Can CSAT and NPS Affect Each Other?

Though CSAT and NPS are much different from each other, both of them can affect each other in a huge way. When a big company asks about feedback through CSAT, it is because they know that the customer is already satisfied with the brand and hence the person will offer genuine feedback for the product based on the trust over the brand. This is the reason why when a customer is not happy with one particular product, still, he or she might not stop trusting the brand.

On the other hand, when a customer is getting satisfied with products and services offered by a company, slowly the trust and loyalty are developed. Hence, the motto of getting feedback through CSAT should be to provide the best product and service experience to the customer and gain trust.

Different companies make use of different strategies and technologies today to measure feedback and customer satisfaction. CSAT and NPS help you in measuring customer experience in their own different ways. To get the best options to measure customer experience, piHappiness is always there with its superb technologies and trustworthy services.

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