How does Blockchain Boost the Security of Mobile App


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We are already familiar with the term Blockchain, which is often regarded as the base of all cryptocurrencies including the renowned bitcoin. However, this recorded set of the digitalized ledger has not limited its functionality to conducting financial transactions, but the innovative technology is also boosting the mobile app security.

Today cyber-attacks have become more vulnerable and in such a scenario the mobile application security is posing a major challenge for the developers. The Smartphone and apps contain private and confidential data, which always remains the prime target of the attackers.

The sensitive data may include bank details and other important documents or files. The problem is that we cannot rely on anti-virus and other software comprehensively to protect the vital data and that is when the role of Blockchain becomes more than pivotal.

In fact, even some of the apps that we download from the App Store, demand that we share personal information such as the Contact Book. Well, some of the advanced features that are added to the app can pose a threat.

Now how does the Blockchain boost the security of the app? Let’s explain this in the context of bitcoin or cryptocurrency. You are aware that here the transaction takes place between two people and the block stores information related to the amount of money encrypted, the receiver and the sender. Each of the blocks is connected with each other through a series of the chain.

As far as the security is concerned, it is extremely tough to change or bring any modification in the data available because of maintaining transparency. Anyone can view or access this information and so Blockchain is a highly secured technology.

Where You Can Use Blockchain Technology in Mobile Apps
If you are wondering where to use the Blockchain technology effectively while enhancing the security of the mobile apps, then consider the following areas. These may include making the payment system securer, certification of the supply chain, provide a robust security to the enterprise apps where one has to show his identity and also to secure the confidential healthcare data and store all vital information etc.

However, to reap its maximum benefits, you should have a good understanding of its functionality and also be familiar with how it can be deemed fit for your mobile application. Having said that, it does not mean that your app functionality has to match with the bitcoin or cryptocurrency, but you can still offer more protection during the transfer of money.

So, a number of app development companies are relying upon the Blockchain technology to provide better app security. And even according to a statistics, the global Blockchain market is expected to reach at $7.7 billion by the year 2024.

Choosing the Right Blockchain Platform
So, before you enter into the arena, you must know what tools have you got to work with. As such there are number of Blockchain platforms to choose while developing the apps; but you have to pick the appropriate one that suits your requirement best. One can cite the examples of Ethereum, Eris, MultiChain, Quorum, OpenChain etc. The list includes many more.

Blockchain in Mobile App Security
Before taking the help of Blockchain to secure the app, it is important to determine what type of data needs to be secured and how it will be distributed. The basic function of Blockchain was to secure online transaction through the distributed ledger form. The benefits that mobile apps get include:

1. No Need to Use the Password
The mobile users may use a very strong password to authenticate their devices or store the data, but there is always an apprehension that it may get leaked out. Now, with the Blockchain technology, you don’t have to worry on the front. It is because the distributed network of the Blockchain does not need any password to authenticate devices.

The two parties usually involved in the transaction agree on the payment using a SSL certificate. And since distributed network verifies every transaction and everything is visible, there cannot be any fraud.

2. No Breaching of Information on Blockchain
One of the best features of Blockchain technology that makes it most secure is that it does not allow any breach of information or data. Each of the information is made public and therefore Blockchain maintains data transparency and protection.

Whatever data is entered into the block, anyone can view it. Apart from that all parties and people can also have a direct access to the reports without concealing anything.

3. Securing the Infrastructure
The mobile application owners must thank the Blockchain technology for it offers the facility of moving the core target of the brand infrastructure to the decentralized platform, which is a more secure area.

The DNS entries can be stored in the Blockchain and as it provides app owners to have controls over the domain records with the help of distributed and transparent DNS. In fact, it will become nearly impossible for any person to tamper or manipulate with the entries.

4. Securing the Identity
It is a very tough ask for any unethical person to hack the data from a distributed ledger or decentralized platform. The Blockchain is said to provide a private key encryption to the users undertaking the cryptography project. Thus, nobody can misuse or change the information or data using a decentralized platform.

What Difficulties or Challenges Lies Ahead
So, when the app developer has firmly decided that he will be adopting the Blockchain technology for securing the apps, he must get prepared to face a few challenges that lay ahead.

The first daunting task is related to developing and testing the distributing apps. The experts view that it is an area where the skills of developer will be put to test. He might have to face difficulty while testing and debugging the apps.

And if you come across bugs like mandelbugs or heisenbugs, the job will be more painstaking. It is easier to test and debug an app on a non-distributed platform in comparison to the distributed ones.

Apart from that you may also face some difficulty while validating the data. You have to conduct a deep and thorough research if you are developing a robust framework that requires legality. Study the Blockchain legal structure very carefully.

There is no doubt that the Blockchain technology offers a solid security layer and one has seen this in the case of bitcoins. So, as we are moving ahead, the app developers are looking forward to utilize its power and efficiency in offering security to the mobile apps. But this is a new concept and one has to witness many further developments in this area. However, if used intelligently, this can make your apps best secured.

Mehul Rajput
Mehul Rajput is a CEO of Mindinventory, a leading mobile app development company that develops iOS and Android apps. He has more than 6 years experience in software development with a strong focus on mobile app development for all kinds of platforms including iOS and Android.


  1. I agree with you that Blockchain based mobile app development gives more security compare to normal mobile application development. But it is also possible that Blockchain based technology also hacked because I have known that some of ICO startup companies are suffered by hackers attack. But as per your suggestion, I think for mobile app blockchain technology is best because hackers cannot target any single application which is developed with Blockchain. The second point, as compared to mobile app and ICO both contains huge difference of money matters.


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