How Do You Allocate The Resources For App Development In Android?


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Android application is not easy there are so many aspects to it that normal people don’t even get to read. This article deals with one such aspect of android app development services and it is the allocation of the resources.

Yes, there are various resources that are needed to properly develop an application and that is done mostly by the managers of the project. This article will talk about the challenges of allocating resources and then about how developers can do it in the best possible way. Let us understand what is resource allocation.

What Is Resource Allocation?

It is art and science combined together. The way people look at it defines it for them. Generally, it is finding out the best available resources for any project, assignment of those resources to the team, and then monitoring the workload throughout the process, and also re-assignment of resources is done if needed. This is what we can make out about resource allocation generally. This takes a lot of analysis and creative decisions that help the teams to decide which resource will help them in the best way. The application being developed also plays an important role in this. This is something that gets better with experience, even if people learn about it by books or tutorial videos, they will have to learn from their practical experiences.

Not just proper allocation but it also makes sure that the resources are used efficiently. This is important so that work happens according to plan and is finished as fast as possible and that too in the budget. There are many examples when a mobile app development company cannot utilize the resources that are allocated to them in the way they should and this increases expenditure.

The technology has improved and because of specific tools that help project managers to manage the resources, the productivity has increased. They earlier had to use excel sheets and even before that in non-IT companies, people had to use paper sheets. This is a time when there are specific applications that can solve problems in the best possible ways. This is something that project managers can now do without many efforts. This is for making the process streamlined and making sure that all the resources are properly allocated. This software can provide a detailed analysis of all the resources and how they are behaving or being used.

Some Changes That Are Faced By Android App Development Companies In Resource Allocation

Many things keep happening in a mobile app development company and the project manages to keep facing a lot of changes in the policy, in the work process and with the change in the prospects for whom they work for. There are various things that commonly can be categories as challenges faced by the project managers. These are challenges that they have to face while they are allocating the resources and because of these challenges, there are many inaccuracies.

1. Client Changes
2. Availability Of Resources
3. Dependencies Of Projects
4. Uncertainties In The Project
5. Different Priorities Of The Organization

The project managers have to face these challenges and make sure that they allocate the resources in the best way. This is because the times are changing and the way things were done is changing it creates a lot of challenges. There are different dependencies and uncertainties that a project has and this cannot be changed, Even though there is risk management still no one can be properly sure about the uncertainties that will come.

These problems are not so big that they cannot be solved and that is what makes a good project manager. After the challenges what is important? It is to know that how to make allocate the resources in android app development services.

How To Allocate Resources For App Development In Android

1. Knowledge Of Project And The Team

To use resources to their fullest, it is important to have proper knowledge of the project as well as the team members. It can be done by creating a high-level plan of the project that may consist of detailed information about requirements and deliverables. It will give an idea about the people who will fit the most in order to complete this work.

2. Early Detection Of Risk

This is directly related to the challenge of uncertainties in the project. If the project managers can detect the risk at early stages then they will also be able to make a way to tackle them. This way all the resources could be allocated properly and their management will also not be a big problem. If the risks are known there will be no need to change the management strategy all of a sudden and that might even create panic in the custom mobile application development team. To ensure that everything goes just fine the manager needs to make sure that all the possible risks to the resources are detected at an early stage.

3. Track The Project Continuously

It is really important to track all the activities that are being done in the project regularly so that manger can make sure that all possible resources are available. This will also give them an idea if more resources will make the process more efficient or they can remove some so that the expenditure is reduced but the performance still stays as expected. All these things cannot be done if the project processes are not continuously tracked.

4. Analyze The Project

Analyzing the project will give the developers and manger the insight if the project that is being developed is going as per the plan. This will give them insight into how the resources are performing and are being used. This will help them make better decisions in the future and allocate resources in a better way.

An analysis is also important to improve the quality of the work being done by reallocating the resources. Also, deallocating some that are not creating any difference but are just taking the time of the developers.


Android application companies have to work all the time and also have to keep up with all the trends, Thre trends are changing not just in the custom mobile application development languages and frameworks but also in the way resources were allocated. The resources are changing too, there were fewer resources a few years ago and now with development in the IT industry, they have increased as well. This is why it is important to know how can it be done more efficiently and what are the challenges have to be faced.

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