How Do Blockchain & IoT Help In Dealing With Water Crisis?


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How Do Blockchain & IoT Help In Dealing With Water Crisis?
It is true that thousands can live without love but not without pure water. And! Everybody agrees with this saying. But! these days condition of water is deteriorating gradually.

When it is hard to imagine a day without water, people in various countries of the world dealing with the different kinds of water crisis such as scarcity of water, contempt water and more.

In order to deal with these crises, various profit and non-profit organizations are endeavoring to utilize modern technologies and systems to control the water quality and deal with the crisis. Surely, you would be wondering what technologies can help in dealing with water crisis and can help in improving water quality.

Don’t fret and read further!


The most used term in this space is blockchain. Yes! this technology has found an application even in this space. It is quite unbelievable that blockchain can help in water safety. Surely you would be thinking “How?”.

Well! Take a glimpse.

Blockchain For Water Management And Quality Control

Majorly, there are two problems that Blockchain can address and can offer a great solution. One is water conflicts and another is water monopolies. Water conflicts are the main problem prevalent in the society which majorly comes from the water mismanagement.

Incidentally, the increasing drying climate is boosting the demand for water which leads to conflicts in the areas. Theses conflicts trigger legal battles and sometimes lead to massive protests and fights for water. Except this, water monopolies are another problem, where water distribution is not fair and needs more transparency.

Well! blockchain is potential to bring a solution to all of these problems.

Blockchain is a more secure system that can integrate transparency by offering a distributed ledger. It can record transactions between parties. The use of blockchain for recording the water quantity and quality, it means the information can’t be tempered and no one can use this data for their selfish pursuits. Altogether, it is impossible to hide or change the data by any corrupt body or a powerful individual.

Thereby, households, water managers, industry consumers, and others can utilize this information to determine the consumption and conservation of water. In comparison of centralized water manager, it is an ideal and smart water system to control and manage water data.

A company-WATERIG has launched pilot studies in Hong Kong, whose major work is to develop collection points for rainwater. Here a decentralized system is used, that helps in deciding how water can be distributed wisely. With this, the company is aiming for empowering communities with improved water supply.

Blockchain And IoT For Smart Water Management

Can these two technologies work in collaboration and can improve water management? Yes! They can, experts are working on both of the technologies, where blockchain an IoT can bring more advanced solution for the cities and can integrate smarter water systems- that are safe and more efficient.

An IoT based management system is a great solution that can help in reducing various problems related to water supply. The most common problem is water leakage. With an IoT based system water management can be very effective in handling this.

By fitting sensors in the water distribution network of the city, it is easy to find out the data related to leakages, water pressure, and quality. With the help of internet, these sensors can send data to different management centers, and data includes leak analysis, pipe bursts, and contamination. As these sensors can collect the data from the environment, it easy for them to collect diffrerent type of data. Most importantly, these sensors can be used to get rapid alerts to change water pressure for avoiding further damages. Actually, IoT enables a deeper insight, automation and control over different parts of the cities’ water network.

This type of system can be installed in the houses. Thereby, smart sensors can send alerts to the family about the leakage and can tell about unusual water consumption. This system can aid people in seeing water consumption clearly, and can assist in changing behavior and save water. The smart home system can send an alert on the mobile of users immediately about any defect in the water network of home. Altogether, it can even stop the main water supply automatically in the time of crisis and can avert further problems.

Indeed, this is a smart water handling system. Though, Russian experts have find another way to deal with the water problems.

Drone, Sensor, and Blockchain

A non-profit organization in Russia, Airalab Rus with other aiding organizations have launched a project on Volga river that includes Drone, Sensors, and Blockchain. It aims to measure water pollution in the Reservoir.

The company is implementing an open source software platform robonomics. It will help in pollution monitoring with mobile sensors attached on water and flying drone’s surface. These drones will be solar and battery powered and will be able to navigate through the reservoir, and can measure all water quality parameters.

Altogether, the company is focusing on embracing decentralized technologies to integrate more transparency and trust in the system. From this, it is clear that blockchain will be the most promising solution. It appears that the project will head in the direction of bringing smart water technologies.

As blockchain is a peer-to-peer network, it is best to collect data from the inter-node communication and for validation blocks of data. And! once data is recorded, it cannot be tempered and altered.

Indeed, this endeavor of company will bring really great solutions for water problems. Though, it needs to look at what more can improve the problems.

In the smart home water systems, mobile applications will also play a big role. The advancements and researches in this field will grow more. Blockchain App Development Company are utilizing these modern technologies to bring smart home solutions that can collect data from the environment and can send alerts to people.

In water storage and consumption management, such technologies will bring groundbreaking transformation. At Techugo, we are also delivering solution powered by IoT, AI, and Blockchain. To know more about the latest advancements in this field, stay tuned with us.

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