How Digital Signage Enhances the Customer Experience


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Customer Experience Concept. Client Woman with Question Mark Icon on Paper Bag has Confused for giving Rating Between Positive and Negative Review

Today’s world is visual. As technology advances, marketers and brands are on the hunt for ways of maximizing the enjoyment levels of their customers. An effective tool lots of savvy business owners use is digital signages. Here are several ways digital signage help everyone involved in your business.

1. Brand Awareness

Who doesn’t love taking advantage of discounts and customer-loyalty programs? For consumers and business owners alike, this principle benefits everyone involved. Consumers feel good about themselves for snagging a deal – and savvy business owners can rest assured that the consumer may continue shopping there in the future. Digital signage, when placed strategically throughout stores, can make people aware of the various discounts and programs they can take advantage of to maximize their savings.

2. Time

I personally don’t know a lot of people who enjoy spending more time than they must inside a business. For example, have you ever stepped inside a bank for the first time and wondered where to go? Besides potentially embarrassing customers, these confusing banks’ layouts end up wasting the customers’ time. Installing eye-catching digital signage that people can look at upon entering, which point them in the direction they need to be, help customers move along their day faster. A local hospital in town makes great use of this in the form of an interactive display that visitors use to direct them to where in the hospital they need to go (Triage, X-ray, Emergency, etc.).

3. Specificity

Depending on the company you buy from, you can use these marketing tools to create audience-specific messages. People are as different as day and night, and the shopping needs of morning shoppers are unique, and are in stark contrast to the shopping needs of evening customers. By creating content to suit both demographics, their shopping experience feels more personable. (Who doesn’t love feeling valued as a buyer?)

4. Advice

We need expert advice. There are just some things that we don’t know a lot about, which leads us to seek the opinions of people. Digital signage is a tremendous tool to use for displaying social media recommendations. This input from previous people is invaluable for helping your current customers come to a decision they may have trouble making. Take Amazon, for example. How often do you read customer feedback reviews before making a purchase? Chances are, the reviews of previous customers help you decide whether to buy a product or not. This new level of customer engagement may encourage people to spread word about your business as an authority in the industry.

5. Entertainment

No shopper goes to supermarkets or stores hoping to wait in line. Waiting lines are dreadful; as if they were designed to test our patience levels. Subjecting your customers to the same brutal (and boring) trivialities can be solved by installing entertaining digital signs at checkout aisles. This includes a cartoon, an informative documentary or any entertaining video (again, catered to the specific demographic you’re targeting at the time of day). This will psychologically make the time feel like it’s passing by quicker, solidifying buyers’ decisions to continue shopping. Entertainment is key.


There is no shortcut to making sure that customers are satisfied. As buyers, we are not statistics that can be manipulated at will. Your customers are no different, and they must be made to feel as if your business is doing everything, they can to enhance their experience in your store or business. Even though digital signs will pay off for you in spades, this principle should not be ignored.


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