How Customers Influence Your Supply Chain


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There are many elements that go into an efficient supply chain, including customer interactions, but many companies don’t put enough emphasis on this fact. In reality, organizations should evaluate their customers first and use the understanding to develop a strong supply chain for better products and revenue.

Ultimately, good supply chain management leads to some of the most important elements of great customer service. Product delivery becomes quicker and more accurate, for starters. It also offers traceability so that consumers can track shipments and follow up if their package is damaged or lost. There’s also the ability to maintain prime inventory levels so that customers aren’t disappointed by inventory that’s constantly out of stock.

In turn, these benefits help your company significantly. You build stronger relationships with customers that turn into loyalty, promising regular profits from those in the business. There’s also the promise of a lower bottom line since your efforts in efficiency will reduce spending and maximize production.

Your supply chain can make or break conversions for customers. If you’re looking to increase customer retention and reduce overhead, here are some tips that can help.

Use Inventory Management Tools

Better inventory management is essential for creating stronger customer relations. Customers dread the “out of stock” message that appears when they try to order a product. Most of the time, this will drive customers to your competitors instead, and you’ll lose a valued customer.

Working on managing your inventory will save you time and money. You’ll empower your employees to offer better experiences to customers, and customers will be more invested in your organization. Inventory management software can offer this control.

Just remember that this software is made specifically for your industry. For example, FoodLogiQ Connect is a top software option for companies in the food manufacturing, production, and restaurant industries. Retailers will benefit from software like Lightspeed Retail, and those in hospitality might use Hotelogix. You’ll find the greatest success and better customer connections from the use of software made for your industry. 

Make Services More Strategic

Strategizing certain vendor processes and even customer interactions can significantly increase consumer approval of your services. Things like product shipping should not be seen as a commodity play, but rather as a way to improve customer service through faster order processing and more efficient packaging. Everything from transportation distances to email response times should cater to what the customers want.

Creating stronger collaboration in customer service, for example, allows you to avoid negative interactions and cement relationships. As you work to eliminate inefficiencies, reduce costs, and improve the service individuals receive from representatives, customers bond with brands as an indirect, but very important result.

Services and products can also be better catered to the customers who receive them. Using data and other information, you can make more strategic decisions that create a demand for your organization, giving you a competitive advantage.

Seek Eco-Friendly Factors

A current trend in customer demand is sustainable initiatives. A survey from Neilsen that spanned more than 300,000 customers in more than 60 countries revealed that 55 percent of customers are willing to pay more for services if they know environmentally responsible measures were taken in the supply chain process.

Things like reducing transportation distances, creating recyclable products, installing more efficient appliances, and other green changes to the supply chain can turn your organization into a sustainable one. This is a huge selling point for customers, and it can often help you cut costs along the way.

From beginning to end, your customers should be at the forefront of your supply chain. Their influence defines the outcome of your business. Their desires should be the grease that runs your supply chain machine.


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