How Customer Care Chatbots Are Becoming Smarter?


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Chatbots Are Becoming Smarter

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Currently, around 1.4 billion people are regularly using chatbots.

The rise of smartphones paved the way for a new form of communication – texting or messaging.

Since people increasingly started using messaging apps and adapted to the concept, chatbots evolved to revolutionize the online business world.

It has turned the way businesses and customers communicate.

The timely advancements of chatbots have made it smarter.

Today, it plays a significant role in businesses’ growth by producing a great customer experience.

If you’re wondering about how it is getting smarter, then this blog is for you.

To give you a vivid picture, we have discussed the aspects that nurtured customer care chatbots to be smarter and how it benefits businesses.

Let’s dive deep!

Rise of conversational AI chatbot – Reason for its smartness

Long before, if you simply defaulted to a chatbot to answer your queries, it would be repeating the same message the company has fed.

For every query, the answer would be the same.

It is because of its inability to understand you.

But now, the scenario is completely different.

The inability gave rise to the conversational AI chatbot.

The conversational AI chatbot was programmed to integrate Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning, and Natural Learning Processing (NLP).

Presently, it can understand your query’s intention and tone and dives into the company’s corporate data to provide accurate results in your language, making the people feel less robotic and more humanlike.

Google Home, Amazon Alexa, Apple’s Siri are perfect examples of conversational chatbots.

With the embodiment of AI and machine learning, the chatbot learns and improves itself to provide accurate results and great service to the customers.

The rise of conversational AI chatbots started with IBM’s Watson assistant.

Along with General Motors developers and IBM programmers, they developed and nurtured their chatbot, ‘Nanci.’

They programmed it to provide personalized answers – analyzing their central data – to their customers no matter how they have phrased it.

Now they’re working on adding voice-based options to the chatbot as well.

How does modern chatbot redefine customer service?

40% of people prefer using chatbots when shopping online.

A lot has changed.

Once, people waited – hearing that horrible contact center hold music – for the customer support assistant to pick up the call.

But, today, there is no need for that.

Now, people have no need to wait for their queries to be answered.

Because of the smartness of conversational AI chatbots, they can sort out their queries instantly.

This enhances the customer experience and increases brand loyalty.

The best part is the Natural Learning Processing. It enables it to easily understand the customer’s language and efficiently interprets it to provide a personalized experience.

For instance, you can be Chinese and ask your query in Chinese. The chatbot effectively understands your query and provides you results in Chinese.

Thus, it enables you to provide seamless and sophisticated customer service to people.

However, still, some aspects can be done only by humans.

After trying every possible way to solve a customer’s problem, the chatbot can easily turn to them and connect with your customer service executive if they feel they’re not convinced.

64% of customers like the 24×7 assistance provided by chatbots. Besides, support agents could spend more time on complex tasks, while the chatbot tackles the FAQ-oriented questions and keeps the customer satisfied.

Instead of answering the same question repeatedly, the customer support assistant can focus on even more complex tasks while the chatbot does the job.

Benefits of Modern Customer Care Chatbots

Customer care chatbots offer tremendous advantages to businesses. Here is the top advantage that escalates customer experience and revenue of the business:

1. Constant learning

The modern chatbots are integrated with AI and machine learning, which constantly allows them to learn based on the data collected from the interaction with the customers.

And also, to leverage its maximum potential, you can customize the software and add data to ensure that it delivers accurate and up-to-date information at all times.

2. Customer experience

Apart from having a great product or service, it is equally crucial to focus on customer experience these days to thrive. In this paced environment, people are in a hurry.

They don’t have the patience to wait until your executive picks up the call or responds to their query.

In that case, a chatbot easily eases the hassle, answers the customer’s query in seconds, and ensures that the customer gets a great experience.

3. Available 24/7

The biggest advantage of the modern chatbot is its availability. Especially if you’re a startup or a smaller business, the modern chatbot will help you provide a seamless assist to your customer.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a big organization.

If your support assistance is off the clock, you can still provide great assistance with the help of this chatbot.

Even if your chatbot can’t solve your customer’s query, it sends it to your customer support team, which they can prioritize and sort out first.

It is one simple and cost-effective way to provide a great support service to your customer.

4. Personalized experience

The biggest advantage of the modern chatbot is the collection of data. It collects all the conversions with the customer and holds the data.

It continuously learns and improves by assessing it and delivering a personalized experience to your user.

It also tracks valuable insights such as behavior, likes and dislikes, habits, and trends of your customer.

By ensuring it, you can enhance your business by meeting their needs, wants, and expectations and train your customer executive with that data.


Modern customer care chatbots are an impeccable way to deliver a great customer experience.

It satisfies your customers and turns them into loyal customers.

They can maximize customer satisfaction, conversion rate, sales, revenue, and engagement.

By incorporating the chatbot with your skilled and masterclass sales professional, you can improve your brand value and revenue.

The best part of using the modern chatbot is that it saves your budget by minimizing the cost spent on customer service.

Look at the future. You’re just one step away from reaching success.

Hassan Mansoor
Hassan Mansoor is the Founder and Director at Technical Minds Web. After completing Masters in Business Administration, he established a small digital marketing agency with the primary focus to help the small business owners to grow their online businesses. Being a small entrepreneur, he has learned from project management, and day to day staff management and staff productivity. He's a regular contributor on


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