How Corporate Office Buildings Can Benefit Most From Visitor Check-in Software


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Modern technology is revolutionizing the way businesses are being run. Mobile solutions are reshaping workplace culture and making organizations more efficient. Take, for instance, visitor management systems. They’re fast replacing traditional pen and paper logbooks and acting as a gateway to secure entry into premises.

Challenges Faced By Traditional Visitor Management Systems

Pen and paper logbooks are no longer considered efficient and pose a series of risks to businesses. Office security is integral to businesses and plays a big role in how organizations are perceived by the masses. Manual visitor management systems do not provide quick response times during cases of emergencies and lack fail-safe measures.

Slow And Tedious: It takes about 3-4 minutes to check-in a visitor and verifies their entry using traditional visit management processes. Redirecting visitors to the appropriate person takes time and ends up leaving a poor first impression on guests.

Inaccurate Entries: Signatures can be forged or be illegible and documents may be lost. A lot of vulnerabilities are presented with paper-based trails and tracking down records takes up some time.

Outdated and Inefficient: Corporate brands that use paper-based systems suffer from lower levels of engagement with audiences. Clients are not impressed when they find a business using outdated systems to manage visitors and invitations.

Tailgating is another problem where a person holds the door open and lets visits pass through. There is no way of finding out if the people who enter have been authorized access to the designated areas or not.

How Does An Electronic Visitor Management System Benefit Corporate Offices?

A robust visitor check-in system is capable of eliminating any risks and delivers an array of benefits to businesses.

Accurate and Real-Time Updates: Electronic visitor management systems work with a high degree of precision and accuracy. There are no mismatches in records and managing them is very easy when compared to traditional logbooks.

Visitor sign-in software uses touch screen technology and logs in entries in real-time. Alerts and Notifications are sent to the persons who have visitors before guests are authorized access to the premises.

Eliminates Wait Times: Traditional logbooks invoice writing down details of guests in columns and make check-ins time-consuming. Larger queues also indicate longer wait times. An electronic visitor sign-in system sends out invites to guests along with QR codes. These QR Codes can be scanned at the entry points and give instant access for checking-in. Not only does this eliminate long queues but it makes brands look more professional and responsive.

Print Out Badges and Verify IDs: While office staff and security personnel have their own badges, visitors don’t. Visitor check-in software can be integrated with printers to print out temporary badges or ID cards. These badges are printed with pre-defined expiry and renewal dates. Staff members inside the building are able to identify visitors and redirect them to concerned authorities using these.

Eliminate Overhead Costs: An electronic visitor management system acts as a virtual receptionist. According to U.S. News, receptionists are paid a median wage of up to $25k to $30k a year.

Corporate offices can reduce these overheads by installing reliable visitor management systems. These are robust and provide incredible value to brands. And since these solutions are scalable they grow with the business as a whole, thus being a reliable and valuable long-term investment.

Features Offered By A Good Digital Visitor Management System

A good visitor management system streamlines the way businesses operate and delivers results. Besides improving productivity at corporate workplaces and saving time by not needing to manually sort through visitor data, here is a list of features that make them beneficial for brands.

Customized Visitor Management: A reliable visitor management system can be customized to meet the requirements of businesses. Features offered by these suites can be expanded upon since they are designed to be scalable and versatile.

Facial Recognition and Digital Signatures: These systems prevent the tampering of data and verify identities by conducting stringent background checks. Automatic facial recognition scans visitors before they enter and digital signatures prevent any smudging or forgery incidents that happen in the case of paper-based entries.

Faster Check-Out Times: Visitors who have completed their tasks and want to leave early will find it a relief when they enjoy faster check-outs. Self-check-in and check-out capabilities are the highlights of such systems.

piLOBI offers a fully customizable visitor management system for corporate brands and businesses. Compatible on both Android and iOS devices, piLOBI offers a powerful host of tools and features that transforms the front-desk experience and make visitor management seamless.

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