How Big Data And AI Work Together


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Big Data And AI Work Together

Before we get to the working of artificial intelligence with big data services, we will first go through the brief introduction of both of them and then understand how these are related.

Big Data

Big data, as the name suggests, is a massive amount of data to be stored, analyzed, and worked upon to obtain fruitful results that will help in the overall growth of an enterprise. Big data is popularly known as the three V’s, which are- Volume, Variety, and Velocity. Volume refers to the amount of data. Variety refers to the different types of data that too in a wide variety, in different formats, and lastly ,velocity refers to the speed with which new data is generated regularly or on a daily basis.

Now the big data analytics solutions are far more advanced. This is because the size of big data is way too big for the traditional software to work upon. And also, the big data faces many challenges too, some of which are capturing the data, sharing it, and analyzing it, etc. Also, there are types of big data which are namely- structured, unstructured and Semi-structured. The first one has a definite format unlike the second one, and the third is a mix of the former two. Big data consulting services are in demand because of the benefits that have brought into the market. Now let’s understand what is AI or artificial intelligence.

Artificial Intelligence

AI or Artificial Intelligence as the name suggests, or synthetic or man-made intelligence. AI is one of the many branches of computer science. These are machines that perform a number of tasks that require human intelligence. Advancement in artificial intelligence goes hand in hand with the development of deep learning and machine learning. Growth in these two brings about massive changes in the technical field and particularly, in artificial intelligence. It is also referred to as machine intelligence sometimes.

It was first started in 1956 and since then, a lot of funding has been invested in it. Huge Amounts were wasted but compared to the development that the world has achieved with AI, it is nothing. It is also mostly known as robotics because it is how human intelligence is portrayed through machines in the best way. But it does not revolve around that only.

The challenges or problems that artificial intelligence comes across are reasoning, perception, representation among many others. It uses a number of tools and applications to work and is also made up of several software and programs written in various computing languages using a number of operating systems, frameworks, and platforms.

The relation between Artificial intelligence and Big Data

Big data services companies were not in much use in the earlier times but now they are and this is because of the development of artificial intelligence and machine learning. Earlier, having big data was a problem as there were no methods to interpret such a large amount of data that too, in a wide variety. But this has changed now. Artificial intelligence and machine learning help a lot in interpreting all different types of data, be it in textual form or pictures, videos, etc. With the help of artificial intelligence and machine learning, enterprises are able to unleash a whole lot of different uses from the big data they have and acquire continuously.

Let’s understand a bit more. The type of relationship that exists between artificial intelligence and big data or big data analytics solutions is of the reciprocative type. Artificial intelligence is somehow meaningless without big data. If artificial intelligence does not have any data, how or on what will it work? One can say that it is mainly made for this purpose, to tackle large amounts of data and extract out meaningful insights from it. People benefitting from this are saying that, the more data they put into it, the better it gets.

How AI is able to give better insights from big data?

Here, we will see what are the ways in which artificial intelligence is able to provide enterprises with better insights than ever before:

  1. AI brings new methods for big data analytics solutions
    Earlier, people used queries and MySQL for analyzing data but now, artificial intelligence and machine learning have brought new and advanced methods of analyzing or rather, they are the new methods. In fact, the statistical methods that were used before have now merged with computer science and are known as machine learning and artificial intelligence.
  2. The intensity of labor reduces with AI
    As machines do most of the work, the human capital is now able to devote their time to better and more meaningful tasks. Also, AI is able to do these tasks in much less time than compared to humans.

Parting Words

There are many other reasons and ways in which AI works together with big data to give desired insights and help businesses prosper, some of which were mentioned above. There is no doubt in the fact that AI and Big data are bringing a new bright future for the professional world.


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