How Artificial intelligence is emerging in writing industry?


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It may seem impossible for a computer to imitate complex creativity which humans use in writing. However, nothing is impossible with technology.

In 2016, a literary AI created by Hitoshi Matsubara and his team had successfully written the novel, The Day A Computer Writes a Novel. And though this AI has not been completely perfected yet, it shows the potential for advancement.

A robot writer who use AI to write

Is it possible for an AI to completely write an article?

Experts say that in order for an AI-based robot writer to be effective, it must pass the Turing test. In other words, it must be able to convince other humans that it is human, too. And yes it has to be efficient enough to write an good quality content.

People believe that robots can’t connect to readers in an emotional level. However, in reality, AI are capable of communicating emotion. In 2011, an undergrad at Duke University had successfully created an AI robot writer who was able to write a poem.

Role of Artificial Intelligence in the Writing Industry

The reason why it’s difficult for people to imagine the success of AI writers is because a lot of them have failed to perform at the same level as human writers. But it does not mean that they don’t have potential.

For now, there are AI copywriters who don’t need to get paid, rest, or incur expenses. These copywriters can perform versatile tasks, from analyzing articles to drafting ad campaigns.

Take AI writer Heliograf for instance. The Washington Post uses the robot to write simple and short stories that can attract more pageviews. Meanwhile, journalists focus on creating a higher-level investigation and analysis of events.

Different Ways AI can be used in the writing Process

So AI can write poems, novels, and news reports. However, these robots are not accessible by the public. Currently, the AI that everyone can access can only perform basic writing and proofreading tasks.

Here are the different ways people use artificial intelligence in writing:

1) Smart proofreading

Almost all software vendors try their best to assist writers by including proofreading features in their tools. These features usually detect grammar and spelling errors and correct them.

More advanced AIs such as Microsoft Word’s Editor feature have better understanding of context, so it can provide something more than simple proofreading. It can understand writing nuances and flags overused and complex words. There are also online writing assistants, like Grammarly, that allow you to check contextual spelling, grammar, punctuation, style, and sentence structure.

2) Plagiarism check

Sometimes, when referencing someone else’s ideas, writers err in using their actual words. This is not acceptable in writing professional reports and articles. Luckily, there are tools that will help you detect plagiarized content. These tools work on AI based algorithms.

3) Content assessment

Tools like Atomic Reach and Yoast use a scoring system to check the quality of your content. Mainly, they evaluate the readability of your content. Are your paragraphs too long? Have your written wordy sentence? Have you made good use of transition words? How many sentences contain passive voice?

4) Quick Scanning

To write a good article, you need to read a good amount of materials first. The problem is that there are too many materials to read and too little time to do it. It takes time to find the key highlights of the different references.

Luckily, there are AI algorithms, like Algorithmia’s Summarizer, that help provide smart summaries of long texts. These help you get the essence of all your reading materials, so you don’t have to scan them yourself.

Is AI based writing will affect writers Job?

Another problem when it comes to AI writers is that people fear that they’ll replace humans. However, AI should be all about cooperation and not competition.

Let’s take an example of online essay writing industry, Now a days somany online essay writing companies has been evolved in the market and the one question which strikes in our mind while buying essay online is who will write my article an human being or an AI based Robot?

And the answer is writer is most probably a human- a human whose works have been encoded in the database and retrieved when somebody buys them. As i told above AI is helping human writers in many ways so that they can complete their work fast. The conclusion is AI will make the writing process much easier and faster but it won’t take over the human writers job.

Final Thoughts

With researchers and companies continuing their work on AI writers, you can expect more systems that help make the writing process easier. In the future where AI finally takes over small writing tasks, humans can focus on bigger topics– not the what but the why.


  1. Can a plagiarism checker or proofreading be really considered an artificial intelligence? Maybe someday, but the current software is just a software. If I am right, one of the key features of AI is the ability to learn independently.


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