Hot Tip and a FREE Pass to the Sales 2.0 Conference!


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On October 30th, Jim Dickie and I presented at the first ever Sales 2.0 Conference in San Francisco. The event was well attended and featured best selling author Geoffrey Moore (author of “Crossing the Chasm” and others), Stu Schmidt pinch hitting for Dave Berman, president of worldwide sales at WebEx, along with many others.

Nearly 400 folks attended the conference and its many sessions. There was also a solutions provider exhibit area and many new applications to check out. But one of the coolest was Altus. Here’s how they describe their service: They record sessions like Tivo. Make them available for playback like YouTube. And allow you to search these like Google.

I thouhgt it was just a clever way of seeing how many hot companies they could toss out in their elevator pitch but it’s TRUE! Within 24 hours of the conference ending, all sessions were available with video, synched up with the presenter’s PowerPoint slide deck and, get this, a full transcript! The transcript scrolls as the video plays and you can word search titles and text. There’s more but check it out for yourself at

This is also a great way for you to catch the presentations if you were unable to attend in person.


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