Have We Become a Society of Whiners?


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I was at an my son’s 8th grade graduation last week, and the commencement speaker, Steve Cochran (WGN radio) warned the students about being part of a “society of whiners“. I got to thinking how true this was.

Social media has made it so easy to complain. Most of the posts I see on twitter and facebook are people whining about something. Sure, there are helpful and motivational posts along the way, but alot of it seems just to be complaints about bad customer service or dumb things people are doing.

Now, I am not totally innocent. I like a good whining rant like the rest of us, but can we whine but then offer a solution? I attend too many business meetings where people complain about what is going wrong. I get that, but can you suggest a solution or how we should do it differently going forward?

Whining may make you feel better. As they say, misery does love company, but just complaining does not change anything. It just brings all of us down int he long run. Whine with a solution in mind. It will make a world of difference!

Are we a society of whiners? Or do I have it all wrong?


  1. I think society as a whole turned to a “whining” craze when all the do good societies started speaking for everyone. Look how many agencies we have out their watching out for our “good”. If I have a problem i’ll take care of it, I don’t need anyone telling me what I think or believe in!


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