Great Service + Happy Customer = Agent Advocacy


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Just as customers love to tell you when they are dissatisfied, they love to tell you when they are pleased with their customer experience too.  Some like to take it a step (or several steps) further and become real advocates for your call center agents.  These customers will champion your agents’ success, plead to your organization that they deserve higher compensation, promotions and even suggest that they could save the world.  Survey Calibration is a wonderful tool that allows this type of feedback to be placed with the appropriate call center agent.  After all, I wouldn’t want my praise to be given to the agent next to me…would you?

“Teresa was a wonderful help. I hope you guys give her a nice raise, weekly trips to the spa, foot massages, and everything she wants. Thank you.”

“Poppy, you were fierce. I can’t believe it. Okay. You totally made me happy, which is very hard to do, because I’m high maintenance. So you deserve a raise. And if your superiors don’t give you one, then I want you to definitely, definitely do something very mean at the company picnic to their punch bowl, Okay? Like put a bunch of cayenne pepper in it or something, or something just to say, “hey, I had a client that loved me” and if you guys don’t want give me a raise then you guys need to go jump in a lake or something.”

“Steven was most helpful.  He was as at least as intelligent as I am and more intelligent in many other ways.  I hope he goes on to become a successful banker, if that’s what he so chooses.  Maybe he wants to become the president.”

“I think Mary is an outstanding rep. for your company.  Your company is blessed to have her.  But Mary should do more.  She should be sent over to the Middle East and work that out.  We need to take advantage of the great skills Mary has and put them to good use.  I know she could do it.  She could definitely resolve the Palestinian-Israeli problem.  Thank you.”

Happy Monday!


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