Google IO 8: What we expect about the future works


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google io 8
Google conduct annual developers conference. In this conference, it updates its users about the new releases and plans. This year the annual developers’ conference was held from 8 May 2018 to 10 May 2018. At the developers’ conference, Google has revealed many updates.

In this article, we will discuss what users expect from Google’s annual developers’ conference.

Android P – What’s new?

Android P is one of the most significant announcements at the Google IO 2018 conference. Google has already released the best version of the OS for its customers.

What we expect from the event is:

Android P will come with new features. Some of the expected features of Android P include improved notifications, gesture support, optimization for low-end phones.

Apart from this, Google may also release a new beta version of the Android P for developers. As compared to the previous versions, the beta OS is more stable. Also, it has minor bugs. One more thing that we can expect from Google is the solution to the fragmentation issue. The company is trying to address this issue for phones with less RAM and storage space.

What’s next about Google Assistant?

Doubtless, Google Assistant is the best AI among the others. From the conference, we can expect Google to add new features to its Assistant. We can also expect an improved version of the Assistant that will be compatible with a variety of devices.

Google may also bring the Google Assistant to third-party devices. It will challenge Amazon’s dominance in the smart home speakers.

The Google Assistant Support is now available on about 5000 smart home devices. Google will further increase this data.

Earlier this year, Google has announced its partnership with like Lenovo and LG at the Consumer Electronics Show. Google will make it’s Assistant available on the third party speakers. We can also expect that Google may add more new features to the Google Assistant.

New Apps

Google’s apps Allo and Duo failed to hit the market. The reasons may be the users do not want to move from the favourite apps, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, etc. These are among the biggest competitors of Google.

Now, Google is going to build the new instant messaging-SMS app, Chat. This app has similar functions to Apple’s iMessage. Google wants its users to use this app than traditional SMS apps because it comes with smart features. However, this app is in controversy. The reason for this is the skipping of the end-to-end encryption process.

We can expect that Google can strengthen its current platforms apart from developing the new applications. For example, Instant Apps, Progressive Web Apps, (PWAs), etc. Instant Apps is a new platform. It lets users try an application without installing it on their phones. Talking about the PWAs, these are the web-based applications which use the web capabilities to deliver the app-like experience to the users.

Android Wear OS

We can also expect that Google is going to add new features to its Android Wear. It will encourage the partner OEMs’ to re-engage in this category. It will also increase the users’ experience.


After Facebook’s Data Hack scenario, Google may be at the centre of the controversies related to privacy. We can expect Google to introduce more transparent measures to the users’ data and provide users with greater control over the data.

According to rumours, Google may reveal a new program soon. This program will allow every mobile app development company to develop encrypted applications with high-security features. As per this program, Google may ban the apps that have malicious codes.

Android Things – Smarter Homes

Android Thing is a platform built for the Internet of Things devices. We can also expect that Google can make significant changes and improvements to the release.

Android Automotive

Android Auto is a smartphone app. It mirrors the features of an Android smartphone to the car’s dashboard. Now, the company is going to launch the in-car operating system for vehicles. It is an Android-based operating system which car manufacturers integrate into their cars.

We are expecting Google to reveal its plans for future cars.

Android TV Dongle

Today, Android comes as a pre-installed operating system on various brands’ TVs. It includes Sony, LG, etc. Recently, an Android TV Dongle has been pictured in the FCC filing. This TV Dongle is similar to Chromecast.

We can expect that Google will make this dongle official. Android TV dongle has more advanced features as compared to Chromecast. With the Chromecast, the users can only stream the content to the TV. Android TV Dongle will provide users with access to apps and games.

AI and Google

In the F8 Conference, Facebook announced that it would launch Artificial Intelligence. We can expect that Google may also launch an updated version of its Artificial Intelligence. We may also see some of its machine learning capabilities in IO 2018.

Google is updating its Artificial Intelligence and implementing it in its products. For example, Google Assistant for voice and text commands, Google Lens for image recognition, etc.

Google is also going to implement its Artificial Intelligence in other businesses. For example, Wyamo. It is a self-driven car. We expect that Google’s Artificial Intelligence will soon be available in cars.


Flutter is a new platform for app development. It lets developers create apps that run on both Android and iOS.

We expect that the first Flutter Beta will be launched soon by Google. Google allows the developers to use it and provide their feedback. The Flutter is also an app platform for Google’s Fuschia. We may also hear about the updates related to it.


The technology is upgrading day by day. Every day, we come to hear about some new advancements in technology. The techs and researchers are continuously working to make the technology better than before. So, we will live a more comfortable life. There is an excellent competition in the market. At annual conferences, we will come to hear the new updates from the famous giants. Each of these updates is unique and advanced as compared to their competitors.

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