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James Dodkins the CX Rockstar recently put out a video detailing the 5 Dimensions of Moments of Truth where he briefly outlined how to manage Moments of Truth (MOT’s) based on 5 simple and measurable dimensions. We wanted to delve deeper into these dimensions to give you a clear line of sight to understanding how effective management of Moments of Truth can lead to delivering world class experiences for your customer and achieving business outcomes.

When a customer enters into a moment of truth, everything is on the line for the company: revenue, loyalty, the entire relationship. We take a scientific approach to managing these moments to align our investments with specific outcomes and generate an optimal return.

Here’s how we manage the 5 dimensions of moments of truth:

Opportunity (1) & Risk (2)

What is the best and worst case scenario for a moment of truth? Defining both ends of the spectrum gives us a clear scale to measure performance. On the one end, everything goes perfectly as planned and on the other, the perfect storm. In order to capture the full opportunity and minimize risk, we first need to evaluate the moment of truth from the customer’s perspective to truly understand what is possible.

Value (3)

What value does the customer receive in the moment of truth? We engineer each moment to ensure receipt of value. At the end of every successful moment of truth, the customer relationship grows. They engage deeper. They want to know what’s next. They want more of the value you are delivering to them. In other words, you won’t have to ask them if they are satisfied. The bottom line is if they don’t receive value, they may or may not choose to invest any more of their time with the company.

Return (4) & Cost (5)

What investment does the company make to produce the moment of truth for the customer and what return does the company receive as a result? We think about each moment of truth as a cost center. We assess the cost of people, systems, equipment, etc. with respect to each moment of truth we produce for our customers. That way we have transparency into the direct impact each investment has on producing successful customer outcomes.

Every company in the world is managing their moments of truth with their customers. Those moments of truth are happening every day. We just don’t think about them that way. They aren’t our focus. Focusing an organization onto their moments of truth produces benefits across all 5 dimensions for every moment of truth that they are managing.

While it may make sense, it’s not realistic to think that a company can flip a switch and start managing their moments of truth overnight. We recommend starting with a single customer experience. Identify the moments of truth that are already happening. Evaluate them against the 5 dimensions and start innovating your customer’s experience. Managing customer experience may seem like an overwhelming task but it doesn’t need to be.

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