Free News Posting

Take advantage of our free news posting service to get your press release out to our community!

Posting news on CustomerThink is easy. Just email your press release to [email protected], with the title in the subject line, and the content in the body. Or, attach the press release in a Word document. Do not include tracking links.

Content should be written in a press release style. We respect embargo requests — please note in the email.

Press releases are published at the discretion of the Managing Editor. We generally only publish major company announcements such as new products, mergers and acquisitions, etc. We don’t publish press releases about customer “wins” or case studies, partnerships, industry awards, events, research, or personnel changes.

CustomerThink staff reviews and publishes new press releases every business day. Please note that the content must be relevant to our community. All links will be tagged as “no follow” to comply with Google guidelines.

If you have questions, please contact the CustomerThink managing editor.