Forrester: Good and Bad News on CX Day


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On CX Day, Forrester released a new report “Why CX, Why Now?” by Maxie Schmidt-Subramanian and Samuel Stern that highlights the (sorry) state of CX adoption.

Good news: 84% of companies aspire to be CX leaders. This is consistent with many other studies that find 70-90% of business leaders want to excel at CX.

The incentives, according to Forrester, are clear. CX innovators grow faster, customers are willing to pay more for an excellent experience, and companies with engaged employees enjoy bigger operating margins.

Bad news: Only one in five deliver good or great CX. A stunningly poor result considering that “good” is not an especially high bar.

Why such a poor showing? Forrester notes “serious organization challenges” including:

  • More than half of CX pros said that their organization’s culture impedes their success;
  • 45% cited organizational structure,
  • 41% referenced organizational processes, and
  • 38% noted peer support and alignment as major challenges to success.

So, while CX Day is a great time to celebrate how far CX has come, it’s also a good time to ask yourself: Is your company really serious about delivering great experiences? If so, the CEO will need to lead the charge, and the entire organization will need to get behind the strategy.

My thanks to Forrester for providing a complimentary copy of the report and the infographic (included below).


  1. Often ponder why we need a “CX Day” in the first place, or anything like a “Customer Appreciation Day”, as some organizations have, for that matter. Shouldn’t every 24 hour cycle be a period in which real customer value delivery is an enterprise priority, if not an obsession?


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