Five Solid Ways to Improve Customer Communication on Your Website


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The digital ecosystem has transformed the way business is conducted in the modern world. All the efforts were put in offline branding/marketing by a business in earlier days are being directed to the end users through online channels in the modern world. And the centerpiece of interaction and marketing in the online world is a business website. A business website works as a storefront for business in the online world that a customer can visit and analyze the utility of the business’ product/service in his/her life.

To succeed at online marketing efforts and attracting customers, it is vital that a website has a clear communication theme and objective that its customer can comprehend easily. Communication is the art of making others understand what you want to say, and the same must be very clear concerning voice, tone, and message for improving customer communication on a website. When a visitor communicates with a business through its website, it improves the chances of making a sale in the future. Nonetheless, even if a visitor does not purchase something, improved communication metrics increase brand awareness in the long term. Let us look at some of the ways to improve customer communication metrics on a website.

1. Use positive & action-oriented copy on the website

The biggest factor that affects interaction on a website is the type of content present on the site. Most of the businesses, in an attempt to project their supremacy over other competitors, write extensive & meaningless content on the website. They forget that a website is a tool to engage customers. Only focusing on preaching the customer without giving a chance to project his/her point of view is a terrible strategy. Remember, communication is a two-way channel.

To improve customer communication, the website copy must be customer-focused and motivate him to interact with the business. One must feel the message is directed to him/her instead of general public. Use of positive words, action-oriented messages and CTA’s that motivate visitors to act definitely improves customer communication metrics in the short as well as long term.

2. Use live chat or chatbot to improve user engagement

Humans being social creatures look forward to interesting interactions even while browsing the internet. The sole reason for the success of many startups is because they have devised ways to engage customers through fruitful conversations on the website with the help of live chats or chat bots.

Chat bots are tools that engage a user by providing tips, solutions, and insights when he/she comes over to a website. A chat bot can answer basic queries, take questions and even make a user feel comfortable about being pitched one or more services. Using live chat modules or chat bots significantly improve the chances of customer communication on a website.

3. Make explainer videos, infographics and knowledge base to engage customers and communicate your proposition

For any business to succeed in improving customer communication on a website, it is essential that the business must enrich its customer’s life by providing valuable content. Value-based content can come in the form of explainer videos, infographics or knowledge base that a client can come back for easy reference regarding a business’s services and even general information related to a customer’s life.

These visual contents (explainer videos and infographics) also are a useful tool to engage clients who motivate them actually to talk with a business. By watching videos, taking a look at infographics and reading essential information in the blog section of a website, a business can improve the prospects of communication with customers in a much better way than before.

4. Optimize the website properly

Improving customer communication on a website is a holistic process that involves various aspects and overall optimization of the site. Website optimization involves taking various efforts that motivate a user to click a link, be attracted to a particular website or stay because it might offer some value that he/she cannot find anywhere else.

Discovery is the biggest challenge in the modern digital ecosystem and by optimizing the website; a business improves the chances of discovery among the host of other sites. The goal of website optimization should be to reduce bounce rates and keep users engaged throughout their time at the site. The more time a user spends on the website, the more chances improve of him/her communicating with the brand.

5. Use a heat map to analyze visitor interests

A website is a reliable tool for a business that if used correctly can solve many problems related to business development. Using specialized tools on the website such as a heat map, a business can gauge the customer’s interest and can build campaigns, website content and communication based on the interest of the consumer. A website heat map analyses the scrolling patterns of visitors and enlightens a business about customer interests by giving an idea of average and maximum time being spent at a site.

Naturally, the section with the maximum heat on a website has the highest interest of a visitor. By getting a clear idea about visitor interest, a business can focus its energies on the same and mold site in a way aligned with the benefit of the visitors. This strategy is really effective in improving communication between a business and a customer through a website as they both are communicating what is expected of the other.

Wrap up

Better customer communication is the key to the online success of a business. The key is to engage and improve a customer’s journey through valuable solutions and when a business offers the same, communication and engagement is bound to grow. Though there are a million tools online to guide you through the process of improving customer communication, the best way is to analyze customer’s desires, improve your efforts to present and provide valuable solutions that engage customers. Improving customer communication on the website is the first step to offering customer delight and only by promising customer delight a business can succeed in the long run.

Sam Suthar
Sawaram Suthar (Sam) is a Growth Strategist at Middleware, a unified cloud-native observability platform. He mainly works to build teams and scale marketing activities to achieve results. He has an MBA from the University of Pune.


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