Five reasons why your business needs salesforce automation software


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Increased competition, fragmented leads data, longer sales cycles and expanding sales force together can be a dreadful plight. The more effort you put to get sales, the more likely you are to feel frustrated by reduced productivity.

Solution: Instead of slogging in for more hours, consider how you can get the same job done in less time. The idea is simple: take steps to work smarter instead of harder! And when it comes to sales, there is no better way to accelerate things than implementing a Salesforce Automation Software.
SFA software eliminates the necessary (but time-consuming) tasks associated with selling. Result: sales professionals get freed up from the tedious, repetitive behind-the-scenes work. They are enabled to do what they are best at – hardcore selling.

Unlike other enterprise applications which are relevant in a specific zone, SFA software is applicable for all sizes of businesses. Whether you’re a small service business or an enterprise offering hundreds of products, SFA software abbreviates sales cycle to facilitate increased sales and higher productivity.

Substantiating this fact further is the survey conducted by IDC which states that investing in SFA software

• Increases deal closure by 30%
• Reduces sales cycle by 18%
• Cuts down the sales administrative time by 14%.

For those who still need further convincing, here is a snippet of the four main benefits of salesforce automation software. Read, analyze and implement:


1. Save Time

Calculate the number of hours that your sales team spends on scheduling sales appointments; following-up with leads through emails and tracking contacts and updating sale opportunities. Quite a lot, right? Once you implement salesforce automation software, majority of the above-mentioned tasks will get automated. The journey from generating estimates to proposals, to quotes and then orders will be done at a much greater speed.
Not to forget, using the SFA software, they will all have the information at the fingertips. Benefit: your sales reps will be equipped to render a good customer service too. Example – they can proactively alert customers about the exact order delivery status which will not just save time but also increase the value of the sales professional.

2. Sales Forecasting

You can use the salesforce automation software to understand past and current sales trends and number of opportunities in the pipeline. Put simply, an accurate and intelligent projection of future sales. Benefit: your sales team can make precise sales forecast which will give you a clear insight into the forthcoming revenue.

3. Upselling and cross selling

Salesforce automation stores past customer orders history which can be effectively utilized to help improve prospects. For instance, your sales managers can analyze past sales information to understand –

• Customers’ demographics
• Order pattern
• Customers’ preferences etc

Perceptibly, this can help them better deal with the present leads. Furthermore, marketing professionals too can use the metrics to create precise campaigns more specific to generate prospects.

4. Sales Team Management

Majority of the time your sales managers are tied up tallying sales-call sheets daily or weekly. Salesforce automation software implementation puts a full stop to all such activities. It equips the sales manager with a 360-degree view of all metrics required for measuring sales revenue.

With accurate metrics in hand, it becomes easy for sales managers to form sales reps’ territories. The risk of too much or too little coverage in a particular area is minimal. Moreover, as the customer base evolves, managers can also redesign territories, thereby using the software’s capabilities in a profitable manner.

Sales managers can have immediate access to each salesperson’s activities, opportunities, and sales figures and so on. Benefit: using the real-time data, they can take informed decisions quickly.

Additionally, they can also stay abreast of problematic areas; for example – an underperforming sales representative or low revenue month.

5. Lead Management

Salesforce automation software facilitates automated lead conversions. Most of the SFA programs extract leads from marketing campaigns, website visits or outbound calls. Consequent to which they notify sales reps about the arrival of new leads in the pipeline. Benefit: sales reps can quickly view all leads on a daily basis and schedule a time to contact them. Immediately contacting the prospect, chances are more likely that the prospect will be engaged, and ultimately result in a sale – (Do we need to say that?)
Summing up all the benefits listed above, if you want to increase sales win rates, reduce sales cycle duration, enhance sales reps productivity and eventually improve organizational revenue – SFA software is ideally your answer!
What do experts suggest?

Choose a cloud CRM application that offers salesforce automation module. Thanks to the cloud technology, you along with your team can access the SFA software through web enabled devices from any location, (even from the smartphones, provided the CRM has a mobile version).

Result: your sales reps that are often on the field will not have to wait until they are back in the office to access vital information. The power of CRM combined with SFA program will change the game quite significantly for your business. Your sales team’s job will get streamlined making the end-to-end sales process faster. Inevitably, this will translate into increased bottom line through quicker sales.


  1. Thanks for this great post Patricia. You have come up with some great points. Sales force automation becomes must nowadays to improve the efficiency of sales force team. As you have listed above, there are many advantages associated with sales force automation software like saving time, sales force management and more. Most importantly it improves the sales force team performance and by thus it increases business productivity. So everyone should make use of sales force automation software to get the edge over their competitors


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