Features and Benefits of on-demand Mobile Apps for Healthcare Providers


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As the medical necessities are constantly growing the healthcare app development is increasing vastly. According to a research, the medical solutions using mobile application will increase at CAGR of 28% by 2023. Thus, you can see the future of healthcare mobile app in the industry.

If you are a doctor and want to get an application that has a feature to provide immense solutions for patients then there are many doctor on-demand healthcare applications used by doctors across the world. A healthcare application adds all important aspects that are helpful to associate doctor with patients. If you want to add advanced features Doctor on demand app cost may go from $40000 to $100000. We are discussing some important features and benefits of a medical service provider app. knowing these advantages you may feel the significance of healthcare app development.

Solutions Provided by Mobile-Oriented Healthcare Applications

Mobile applications are making the healthcare industry more powerful and advance. A medical app includes many solutions as we are going to discuss below, so have a look at the given points-

1. Benefits of Hospital Management App
• Hospital management app helps in fixing errors caused by interference.
• Helps in drug management and evade diversion and manipulation.
• Real-time tracking of medical services in an entire hospital.
• Speed up the workflow process in an efficient manner.
• Helps in handling catalog and reducing cost and time.

2. Benefits of Chronic Care Management App
• A patient can get access anytime to healthcare provider online using a mobile app.
• Doctors can share their advice and precaution plans to patients using application.
• Monitor your registered patient and access them immediately.
• Make easy the patient registration process and HIPAA-compliant.
• Get some important testing tools such as diagnostic and therapeutic when the doctor needs them.

Features of Healthcare App

1. Immediate Medical Service
Using healthcare mobile application health experts can provide instant treatment to the patients. They will be able to use the app anywhere, anytime and help a patient with advanced healthcare tools to make better treatment without any workload.

2. Fix Appointment
Some healthcare apps like Doctor on demand app are very useful. You can schedule your appointment with doctor anytime using the app. Moreover, doctors also take benefits; they can give an appointment date and time as according to their availability. If there is any complexity to see the patient they can cancel the appointment and give another date.

3. Enhance Brand Value
Using mobile healthcare app you can improve your brand value to a maximum level. You can target more and more customers and make them use your services. The application can support providing contact details, user information, email, and other things instantly.

4. Transparency
The medical mobile app helps through every step. The app makes allow doctors to leave a tremendous effect on customer experience. Using medical application doctors can keep patient informed and satisfied. The application also helpful for patient they do not have to wait for a long time. They can find the doctor facility which is nearby them and get services in the shortest time in the emergency.

5. Digital Offering
Doctor on demand cost can be high when you meet personally but this is the great way to use healthcare application to get free services. You can inform patient about many offers you are giving them. You can update them for attractive discount and free services. Using medical application send the personalized message to inform for special offers. You can know about your services by providing a feedback form to a patient so they can fill it and give their feedback and suggestion for further improvements.

Prominent Medical Apps

You can see hundreds of medical apps available in the app market. Those all apps offer different type of healthcare services. Some popular and best healthcare apps are given here-

• Android Medical App

1. Medscapeis free application which facilitates lots of features such are drug information, knowledge of scientific elements, and basic medical tools etc. This app is really helpful for both learners and professionals as it provides current news feed and information.

2. Doctor on Demand is one of the top apps for doctor and patient. The application helps in searching medical service provider in the nearby location. You can get primary treatment by finding right doctor anytime. On doctor side, the application works well. It comes with extensive features such as payment system, QR code, messaging, email, etc.


3. Epocrates is also a free medical app. It is completely for professionals as it provides information about medical, drugs, medicine identification, new etc. The application is very handy and usefulness for both doctor and patient.

• iOS Medical App

1. Lifesum was developed to make a hole and hearty lifestyle. It helps as meal-tracker, corporal analyzing, health checkup, workout plan etc. Moreover, it can work with other Apple devices such are Apple Health device, Apple Watch, and many other healthcare apps.

2. BBH heart helps cardiologists in practicing a multiplicity of specialties. It adds advanced American College of Cardiology and American Heart Association news. This app offers easy-to-navigate protocols as per the requirement.

An Overview of Features and Benefits of Healthcare Apps

Besides the above-discussed features and benefits, you can see many other imperative advantageous things in a healthcare mobile app. A doctor on demand app cost may different as per the features you want to add because there are thousands of medical applications that offering different type healthcare services in real-time. So, it is difficult sometime to differentiate those apps.

We are having an overview of overall features and benefits of a healthcare app-

• Improve the doctor and patient experience by providing responsiveness features.
• Manage the collaboration between doctor and patient and deliver optimum results.
• Handle and improve the process of documentation and patient care protocols.
• Make better communication and evade the confusion among medical assistants and patients.
• Helps in decreasing the uncreative time that spent in finding and trying to make contact and reach the medical staff.
• Make easy the communication level by adding various resources like email, messaging, voice, images etc.


Medical mobile applications are essentially enhancing the healthcare industry.Not just doctors, the applications also very beneficial for patients. Healthcare apps are encouraging both doctor and patient on each step. Therefore, it has been a big trend to use medical applications these days. We hope, the information is given above will have helped you in understanding the advantages of a healthcare app.


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