Facts Related To Artificial Intelligence


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I am non-technical by education, but my passion revolves only around technology, and specifically to Artificial Intelligence. Yeah, it sounds more like relating yourself to Steven Spielberg Sci-Fi, wherein everything could be controlled with just a tap or the retina identification, although most of these aspects discussed in the movie are quite possible now, just due to the invasion of Artificial Intelligence in our lives.

What Is AI- Artificial Intelligence

As a layman, it is hard to understand the real mechanism of AI since it would be a glut of high technical language, which may bounce back, so in a plain language, AI stands for that idea, where certain machines are developed in a way that they can think like humans. Just to illustrate further Siri in your iPhone to those self-driving cars, all are the products of Artificial Intelligence. Let’s take a look at some of the facts related to AI…

Taking Care of Daily Chores

We all have to perform certain tasks in our daily routine, which are too obvious but needs to be accomplished daily in personal and professional lives. Such mundane tasks can easily be performed through AI and it increases the chances of enhanced productivity rate of humans.

No Ground For Errors

When I talk about errors then, I simply get a very particular aspect in my mind that is Human Error, which at times, devastates the end result brutally. But AI integrated devices never make mistakes and is programmed in such way that leaves no scope for errors, regardless of the data size.

Saving Humans To Take risks

Curiosity is a part of human nature and to satiate it further, we risk our lives, for instance, the space exploration has always been on the top list of man curiosity chart, but the number of risks involved in it makes it dangerous enough. But this exploration is very much possible with the AI support, which can travel across the landscape of space, exploring it and determining the best paths to take. This indeed is a great step to discover the potential benefits for human civilization.

Virtual Reality For Education

The AI is beneficial for several business domains, and the education industry would take the maximum benefits out of it through the integration of VR assisted learning. This type of learning would open the doors for the students and they can learn and explore the topics more deeply.

AI Is A Blessing For Health Care Industry

AI in healthcare and the medical field is creating a sensation by organizing the better treatment plans for patients and help the medical experts to make the best-suited decision for the patients.

These are some of the benefits Artificial Intelligence is offering to the society, and these numbers of benefits are going to rise exponentially with the demand and future inventions in the near future, although many people argue that AI would consume the jobs of people, but this is not correct, since AI has its own limitations, which can never replace the humans.

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