Epic Rise of Digital Marketing in Industry- Are You Ready to Invest?


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This is the internet era and everything is digitized. The success of marketing is now concealed in digital marketing and the marketers are now working on absolutely different landscape from the encountered 10 years ago. Increased use of internet and social media has left a big change on the lifestyle and users’ preferences. Social media presence is necessary for the success of your brand and one can’t survive without a digital marketing campaign. From the recognition of the brand to targeting the right audience and from getting potential customer to ensuring their engagement with your brands, you need digital marketing in every step.

What exactly is Digital Marketing?
Digital marketing is the promotion of your brand on internet and social media, It includes various platform and methods like SEO optimized websites, keywords rich blogs, online video content, e mail marketing, social media campaigns, and mobile marketing. Pay Per Click advertisement and viral marketing also fall in the category of digital marketing. All these sources are used to engage more customers to garner more revenue.

Why Digital Marketing is so Important?
The budget of companies for digital marketing is increasing every day and survey reports conform that companies are spending $77.37 on digital ads which is much higher than TV ads and this has happened due the more searched on mobiles. A company is using its 75% marketing budget on digital marketing which was 2% in 2014. 46% consumers consider social media pages to check the reviews of consumers before making a decision which have urged 38% companies to hire more digital marketers for the promotion of their brand. Only US companies are spending $23.6 billion budget on digital ads and 4% companies are spending more than $1 million per annum on digital marketing. 49% consumers believe that brands with online presence are reliable and prefer those brands which are engaged with consumers.

Benefits of Digital Marketing
Digital marketing has immense benefits and from the afore-mentioned statistics it’s not difficult to understand the importance of digital marketing for your business. If you haven’t still made it a part of your marketing campaigns, then here are some awesome reasons to opt for it.

• Target Mobile Consumers
Digital marketing targets mobile consumers which are growing day by day. Only in USA 91% adults owes mobile phones and daily visit social media and internet. Your website present on the internet helps them to browse it and let them know about it.

• More ROI
More number of visitors means more Return on Investment (ROI). It makes your success graph straight by accessing more people. Online presence of your brand increases your reliability and helps to generate more revenue. Moreover, it’s the best way to keep track of your online sale and provide you various means to target audience on the basis of age, country, and gender.

• Effective Use of Digital Content
Digital marketing provides you various means to use content in an effective way. This content is used for the promotion of the brand and helps you to increase awareness of the brand for the users. Blogs and social media posts are the types of digital media content and also boost SEO ranking when you add useful keywords and hash tags in it.

• Brand Optimization
Digital marketing optimizes your brand strategy and gives it a direction. It shows your presence on different platforms at a time and let people search the brand on all digital platforms like email marketing, social media, and internet. This integration makes your marketing effective and comprehensive for both users and for the brand. On the other hand, no digital marketing means you don’t understand the latest marketing requirements and unable to meet the market needs.

• Cost-Effective than Traditional Marketing
Digital marketing doesn’t require huge budget and you can initiate it with a little effort and even from a free social media account. Digital Marketing Spend report reveals the fact that 40% responders found digital marketing cost-effective and beneficial than other marketing tactics.

• Easy Customer Review
It improves the reputation of the brand and helps the customer to give reviews about the brand. You can optimize your brand as per customers’ requirements and get to know what consumers are actually wanted from you. Reviews also help you know about the opinion of the customers about a change in the product that whether the customers have found it useful or not.

Digital marketing is great way with great opportunities to boost your business by using digital platforms. Increased conversions and high generation of revenues are the outcomes of the digital marketing which you can achieve in minimum possible time. Track you customers and bring variation in your brand as per their needs to beat your competitors and run a successful business. So, are you ready to invest in digital marketing?


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